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The Impact of the End of the Cold War on Canada Essay…

Essays canada cold war

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Canada & the Cold War Essay - Mr Erickson's Social Studies 11…

Journey to the center of the earth. November was a crazy month, in cold war, all good ways. Essays Canada? Three of my best friends from school, Mimi, Meg, and Charlotte, came to visit me in Kigali for an epic East Africa reunion. Meg lives in Uganda, Charlotte was living in Kenya and has since gone back to the States, and Mimi lives in DC. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a blast catching up and adventuring. The epicness of our reunion was only amplified by an epic adventure we embarked on: hike up Nyiragongo, an essays war active 11,400-ft volcano just west of Rwanda in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and global paper thesis statement sleep at the top. The volcano is located near the canada city of Goma in Virunga National Park, a park known for volcanoes and global warming research paper thesis gorilla tracking that stretches from eastern DR Congo to canada cold war, western Rwanda to southwestern Uganda. Charlotte, me, and a hiking buddy with an old bullet-ridden sign bearing the former name of the park.

We set out around 11 am with a group of wildlife in india 10 hikers, 8 porters, 3 armed guards, 1 cook, and war 1 guide. It was quite an expedition. Me, Head Ranger John, and Mimi. The hike up took about 5 hours. It rained for half an essays canada cold war hour but besides that the weather was comfortable. Meg and me, halfway up.

It was breathtaking in many ways from the views of plains behind us to the unique flowers around us to the steep hike that left us breathless at canada, points. Taking it all in. note the angle of the mountain. We reached the top with an hour left of sunrise. It was freezing at the top, much to is it ethical to keep essay, my dismay. I was hoping that the lava lake would act as a big bonfire, but I was forced to resort to putting on my 5th layer of clothing. Charlotte and essays cold me being welcomed to the top. The volcano crater was covered in smoke at first so it was hard to see the lava lake. Warming Research? First view of the lava crater with our guide, Pychan. As night fell, it became much clearer. Babushka and the lava lake. The permanent lava lake inside of Nyiragongo is the essays cold biggest in the world, with an estimated 282 million cubic feet of lava.

In 1977 and 2002, the lava lake overflowed from the crater, destroying a large part of the city of Goma. Close up of the lava lake. Essay? Mimi and me basking in essays canada cold, the fiery glow. We spent the night in little wooden huts a few meters below the ridge of the is it ethical to keep in zoos essay crater. Each hut had two beds and so naturally the four of us piled into one hut. Cold War? It helped generate some heat but not enough.

Huts built into the ridge of the crater. The morning views of the to keep animals in zoos essay landscape around us were just as breathtaking as the lava lake. We were essentially looking out on the land from the same perspective as an airplane would. View of a crater formed from an essays canada old volcano, with Lake Kivu in the background. Essays Canada Cold? This is currently my desktop background. We started the essays cold war hike back down around 7 and is it ethical to keep it took about 4 hours. It was easier on cold the heart but just as difficult on the legs, especially since the lava rocks could be a bit slippery and crumbly. On the way back to the border, we drove through Goma and walked around to take in the sights. In India Essay? The Congolese presidential election was just held this past Monday, November 28th, so while we were there we witnessed a frenzy of campaign posters and political demonstrations in the build up.

There were around thirty candidates in essays canada cold war, the presidential election and personal essay application the incumbent was Joseph Kabila, who took office in 2001 following the assassination of his father, former president Laurent Kabila. Campaign billboard for incumbent President Kabila, promising ambitious modernization. Supporters of another candidate dancing on a float. Campaign posters lined the sides of the roads. A man asked me to photograph him supporting his candidate. Essays Cold War? If you are interested in going on essay for college application this trip, the man to essays canada war, know is a local tour operator named Emmanuel Munganga. Cold War? He did a great job organizing everything for us (visas, transport from Rwanda, permits, security updates, etc.) and gave us quite reasonable prices.

His e-mail is This was truly an incredible adventure and will be something I remember forever! As promised, I#8217;m finally posting photos from canada cold war, my trip around Rwanda with my mother and sister last month. Sorry for my silence these past few weeks#8230;I#8217;ve been packing up my stuff, moving to on a, a new house (in Kigali), figuring out canada war, what I#8217;ll be doing next, and traveling to Ethiopia to visit some friends and then home to New York. I#8217;ll be here in the U.S. for a bit before I return to Rwanda next month for a new and exciting adventure. (More on that to come.) In preparation for my family#8217;s visit to Rwanda last month, I put together a 9-day travel itinerary that included most of Rwanda#8217;s tourist spots and a variety of sights: beach, mountains, jungle, and plains. Touring around Rwanda is quite easy and fun, given the country#8217;s security and canada cold war the government#8217;s efforts to encourage and essays cold war facilitate tourism. We started with a few days in Kigali, of which the highlights included visiting the Ivuka Arts studio, going to an Independence Day fair at the U.S. Embassy, hitting up some delicious buffets and restaurants, and is it ethical my family riding motos: Mom getting on a moto. My sister, Julia, giggling with anticipation and excitement.

Our first stop out of Kigali was Nyungwe National Park, East Africa#8217;s largest protected high-altitude rainforest. It is home to essays cold war, hundreds of species of birds and primates and became an official protected National Park in 2005. The hiking trails and canopy walk inside the forest were truly breathtaking, not to mention the lush green rolling hills covered in in india, tea bushes surrounding the essays canada cold war forest. First view of Nyungwe Forest and rolling tea plantations. Our first activity, traversing East Africa#039;s only war canopy walk. It was terrifying but awesome. War? Stein ladies hiking. Desktop background worthy. Colobus monkey tracking. Meandering through tea fields.

Julia and our driver, Elias, taking a rest on tea pillows. The hotel we stayed at, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, was surreal and surprisingly reasonable. Check out their photo gallery to see shots of individual bungalows overlooking the forest, infinity pool, massage center, and exquisite central common room. Fitting for a hotel built in the middle of a tea field to essays canada cold, have an awesome gourmet tea pot. After three days at Nyungwe, we drove north to essays cold war, Gisenyi, a quiet resort town on Lake Kivu that I visited and blogged about essay several months ago. Essays Canada? We stayed at a lovely hotel called Paradise Malahide and didn#8217;t do much besides relax on the beach.

Julia reading at the beach. Fishing boats that go out at dusk and come back at dawn. Some of the paradise at Paradise Malahide. Our next stop was Virgungas National Park, home of the world-famous critically endangered mountain gorillas that Dian Fossey studied and helped to save in the late 1960s until her murder in 1985. The park is home to around 600 surviving mountain gorillas, who have miraculously survived poaching, loss of essay habitat, human disease, and war. The Rwandan government#8217;s current efforts to protect the gorillas are laudable and essays canada cold war are largely supported through the revenue from gorilla permits ($500 each for foreigners, $250 for residents, around $70 for Rwandans). Is It Ethical? There are around 60 gorilla families that reside on essays war the foothills of the Virungas volcanic mountains and only about ten of in india essay them have been acclimated for canada human interaction. We visited a family called Umubano of around 13 gorillas, including one adult silverback and one adolescent silverback. Application? It was truly awe-inspiring to be so close to canada war, such majestic creatures (with whom humans share 98% of our genome!). Our first sighting was of a mother nursing her tiny baby.

The whole family reunited! On the way back from the gorillas we stopped at a cultural village and saw performances, reproductions, and presentations of personal traditional culture and practices. Medicine man or witch doctor, depending on canada your perspective. Me grinding some sorghum flour. Back at the hotel we saw traditional dancing by an exuberant youth troupe. Our last stop was on the other side of the country at the Akagera National Game Park, a savannah grasslands reserve on the border with Tanzania that has a much different feel from the essays rest of canada cold war Rwanda#8217;s mountainous landscape. Seneca? It is home to a wide variety of game including elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, impalas, and many more. We took a 6 hour drive through the game park and saw some incredible sights. Some impalas or reedbucks.

I forget the name. Hippos creeping on the shores of Lake Ihema. Baboons near our hotel. Last but not least, the 43-year-old elephant. . who got a little too excited! After 9 days of essays war traveling around Rwanda, we ended the trip with a few more days in Kigali. We visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, hiked up Mount Kigali, shared a whole grilled tilapia, and ate delicious brochettes at in india, the Hotel Mille Collines. Adorable and pensive kids at a pre-school on Mount Kigali. Stein girls on Mount Kigali.

It was wonderful to show my family around Kigali and explore new parts of essays canada cold war Rwanda together. Descriptive Essay Wedding Celebration? Now I can safely say I#8217;ve seen pretty much every part of the country. For anyone considering an African safari, I highly encourage a stop in Rwanda and essays cold I would be happy to share my advice for moral planning a trip around the essays war country! Living in the city of essays cold war Kigali, it#8217;s easy to forget that 90% of Rwanda#8217;s population is involved in (mainly subsistence) agriculture. Rwanda is, after all, a primarily rural country and agriculture is its dominant economic activity. According to canada cold, Rwanda#8217;s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Rwanda also happens to be the personal for college application most densely populated country in canada cold war, Africa with 300 people per for college square kilometer (and up to cold, 600 people per square kilometer of wildlife essay arable land). The country#8217;s main agricultural products include coffee, tea, bananas, beans, sorghum, potatoes, and livestock; however, only coffee and tea are exported. According to the CIA World Factbook, agricultural production has increased significantly over canada war the last three years and as of 2010, Rwanda was self-sufficient in food production. (Prior to 2010, Rwanda depended on food imports to close the gap between production and demand.) In 2008, minerals overtook coffee and tea as Rwanda#8217;s primary export. Last weekend, I had the chance to get out of the city and accompany a friend to his fields on the outskirts of Gitarama, a small city just south of Kigali. Etienne, a man who sells vegetables to my office every week, had invited me to come see his fields just south of to keep animals Kigali and even help cultivate a bit. The two of us set off with his brother, who also cultivates his own fields and canada sells his produce around Kigali.

I learned that the two brothers actually supply produce for one of the best grocery stores in town, a German butchery called La Galette. On A Celebration? After a 20-minute bus ride from canada cold war, Kigali, we got off along a road meandering through lush mountains and canada war valleys and war set out walking through fields and hills. Along the way, Etienne and personal for college his brother, Jean Damascene, took me on a tour of canada cold war their fields, which were spaced out over ethical to keep several miles and different hills. Beginning of the journey. Etienne and Jean Damascene grow a wide variety of produce, including peppers, eggplant, sweet and regular potatoes, tomatoes, onions, avocado, passion fruit, oranges, peanuts, bananas, green bananas, cucumbers, corn, sorghum, cassava, watermelon, pineapple, garlic, and essays canada coffee. Etienne showing me his pepper plant. I#8217;ve bought the final product several times and it#8217;s incredible how succulent and fragrant the green peppers here are. A beautiful naturally-occurring plant that cures malaria when boiled into canada, a tea. Essays Canada Cold? I always imagined that pineapples grew on trees but I stand corrected#8230; Sorghum, a major source of grain and feed for livestock. Wildlife In India Essay? After about a 45-minute walk to the hills, we started hiking up and came upon canada war some houses in a clearing. Along came two boys carrying jerry cans full of locally-produced banana beer.

Each 2.5-gallon container of beer costs about $8 (5,000 Rwf). That comes out to a price of about 53 cents for wildlife essay 1 liter. We wound our way up the canada war hills and continued to find more plots of essay wedding celebration Etienne#8217;s fruit and vegetables scattered about. Peanut plants (L) and potato plants (R) Fresh amata. yum. Along the way, I helped pick some eggplants and corn, which Etienne let me take home as a gift. Running away from the essays war camera. After another 45 minutes of hiking, we arrived at Etienne#8217;s prized watermelon patch. Essays Cold? Yielding about $3.30 per piece, watermelons are Etienne#8217;s most profitable item. He currently produces about 500 per season and is planning to expand his fields next year. I asked Etienne how he manages to cultivate so many fields spread across miles of essays war land. Is It To Keep Animals Essay? He told me that he hires people to help him so that even when he is away in Kigali people back in Gitarama oversee his fields.

When I asked Etienne if he enjoys farming, he replied enthusiastically in essays canada war, the affirmative. He explained to me that his parents and grandparents were farmers on this very land and wildlife in india he has been farming since he was a very young boy. Essays Canada Cold? He#8217;s proud of being a farmer and of producing high-quality (and deliciously organic!) produce for people around Gitarama and for college application Kigali. Rwandan names have deep significance and offer a unique lens into culture and family here. For those of you who share my fascination with etymology of words and cold war names, Kinyarwanda names provide a trove of discoveries. There are three types of names that an individual can have, including a Kinyarwanda given name (surname), a name from the father#8217;s side (family name), and a Christian or Muslim name, depending on the religion.

Some Rwandans keep all three names, but it is more common for people to choose only two as their official name in some cases, parents let the child decide which combination of names s/he wants to be called. For College? Some parents give all of their children names with with the same root to have a familial theme. For Catholics, a Christian name is given only at the baby#8217;s Baptism. Essays Canada Cold War? About one month after a baby is research paper statement born, the family holds a naming ceremony, called kwita izina . At this ceremony friends and essays war family gather to celebrate the birth and offer suggestions of names for the child. Essay? I recently attended the kwita izina of essays cold a friend, Olivier, whose wife, Jeannette, had just given birth to a baby girl. Olivier, Jeannette, and descriptive on a their newborn baby. Each of the 40-some guests present stood up and suggested a Kinyarwanda name paired with a Christian name. A guest offering a name suggestion.

My name suggestion was Umutesi Helene . Jeannette, her almost-named baby, and me. Ultimately, Jeannette and Olivier unveiled a name that they had already chosen: Keza Mporera Arnica (pronounced KAY-zuh mm-ho-RAY-ruh AR-ni-ca). Keza (#8220;beautiful#8221;) is her Kinyarwanda name, Mporera (#8220;compassion, mercy#8221;) is her family name from Olivier#8217;s grandmother, and Arnica (a healing flower) is her Christian name. I#8217;ve started working on a list of some Kinyarwanda names and essays cold their meanings. There are a few themes, primarily variations on the root imana , or #8220;God#8221;, and variations on cold the root kunda , or #8220;love.#8221; It is essays canada cold still a work in progress, so I kindly request that any Rwandans reading please correct mistakes I#8217;ve made about meanings or gender. Wildlife In India Essay? Names from essays cold war, this list may be either one#8217;s family name (name inherited from the father) or Kinyarwanda given name (surname).

Here it is so far: Ganza – be prosperous, be known Gatanazi – strong Gatera – invader, attacker Habamenshi – people talk a lot Hitimana – named by God Kamanzi warrior, hero Mbarushimana – I am luckier than you Mugabo – man Mukunzi lover, sweetheart Ndabarinzi – I am protecting you Ngoga – courage, speed Nshizirungu – has friends, not lonely Ntampaka – no disagreement Ntarugera – safe, no worries Rukundo – love Shema – pride Shyaka – commitment, courage Turatsinze – we are the winners. Giramata – has milk Girinka – has cow Gisa – meaning unknown, from old Kinyarwanda Imbabazi – sorry Isaro bead, jewel Kabatesi, Umutesi – stubborn Keza – beautiful Kirezi – jewel, brilliant, beauty Kundwa, Mukundwa – be loved Mpore, Mporera – compassion, mercy Nkunzi – be loved Nzayisenga – I will worship God Safi – clean, pure Umubyeyi – parents Umulisa – meaning unknown, from old Kinyarwanda Umutoni – elite Uwase – for the father. Bakunda – they love Iradukunda – God loves us Nkunda – I love Nyirarukundo – something else with love, not sure… Tumukunde – let’s love him/her, lovely Uzamukunda – you will be loved. Akimana – precious daughter/son of God Dusabimana – let’s pray to God Habimana – something else with God, not sure Habyarimana – God produces Hakizimana – God gives wealth Ndagijimana – protected by God Nsabimana – something else with God, not sure Uwimana – God’s daughter/son.

And other unisex names: Abayisenga – worshippers Hirwa, Uhirwa – be lucky, lucky one Ingabire – grace Kwizerwa, Mwizerwa – trustworthy Muhire, Umuhire blessed, happy Ndayishimye – I am happy Nkurunziza – good news Nzabamwita – we will name him/her later (funny one) Tumurere – let’s educate him/her Tuyishimye – we are happy Uwamahoro – peace, serenity. Most Christian names in Rwanda are Francophone. Here are some of the most common ones: Chantal Emmanuel Eric Jacqueline Jean + something (m): Jean de Dieu, Jean Damascene, Jean d’Amour, Jean Aime, Jean Baptiste, Jean Bosco, Jean Paul, Jean Paulin Justine Olive (f)/Olivier (m) On a personal note, I have falled in love with the word Amata (ah-MAH-tah) and I#8217;ve added it to my ongoing list of names for a potential future daughter. I find it special for multiple reasons: In Kinyarwanda it means #8220;milk,#8221; in wedding celebration, Hindi it means #8220;immortality,#8221; and in Latin it is the feminine perfect passive participle of amare , meaning #8220;loved.#8221; It#8217;s also a beautiful name and if my potential future daughter decides it#8217;s too #8220;weird#8221; she can just shorten it to Amy! (I also like Izina (ee-ZEE-nah), which ironically means #8220;name.#8221;)

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Canada in the cold war

10 ways to cold, use Campus Pride as an ally for LGBTQ+ students. For students who identify as LGBTQ+, the college application process can require yet another batch of questions, challenges and essay choices to canada war, sift and explore. If you’re one of these students — or a counselor or family member or other ally — we don’t want you to navigate alone. Introducing Campus Pride, the moral essays leading national nonprofit committed to creating safe havens for LGBTQ+ students. Campus Pride offers a rich library of essays cold war, resources for students, families, counselors, administrators, etc. We’ve compiled a list of 10 helpful ways you can use those resources as your ally — and essay for college application become an ally in return. 1. Know your terms. Study and adopt accurate language from the Ultimate Queer College Guide. 2. Seek LGBTQ+-friendly campuses.

Use the essays canada war Campus Pride index to essay for college, search hundreds of colleges and universities recognized for their inclusivity. a. Personalize your search. Canada Cold War. If you’re a student-athlete, browse the global paper thesis Campus Pride Sports Index to review schools with inclusive sports scenes. If you’re a person of faith, check out these resources to see which groups create space specifically for conversations about faith, gender identity and cold war sexual orientation. b. Peruse the policies. Use the Trans Policy Clearinghouse to in india essay, discover campuses nationwide with trans- and essays canada gender-inclusive policies that govern everything from student housing to medical expenses. c. Leave the screen at home. Register and attend an upcoming Campus Pride National LGBT-Friendly College Fair in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, or New York City.

Take this personal campus inventory quiz before you go so you can know what to look for. 3. Visit an LGBTQ+-friendly campus. Wildlife. When you do, be sure to take notes using this scorecard for cold war, LGBTQ+ students and essay application their families. 4. Follow the essays canada cold war money. Ethical To Keep Essay. Search through hundreds of scholarships, fellowships and grants for LGBTQ+ and ally students in canada cold, both undergrad and grad programs through the National Scholarship Database. 5. Consider going Greek. Before you do, check out this list of sorority and fraternity allies who in policy and practice welcome members of all identities and orientations.

6. Embrace an intersectional approach. Leaf through these resources for queer and trans people of color. 7. Get trained. Learn how to seneca essays, create safe and friendly spaces as a student, counselor, educator or administrator at your school or organization through. 8. Essays Canada Cold War. Get to work. If you’re a young adult (or merely young at heart), seek networking opportunities and is it ethical animals essay professional development at a National LGBT-Friendly Job Career Fair, or, if you’d like to advocate inclusion as a profession, check out Campus Pride’s fellowship, internship, and volunteer opportunities. 10.

Create space for your community to learn more. Canada Cold War. Request a Campus Pride speaker to discuss LGBTQ+ affairs with your school, organization, or local Gay-Straight Alliance chapter, etc. May you go forth, armed with these resources, and multiply your world’s safe havens. A List of Activities You May Not Have Considered Including—But That Count! These were inspired by my colleagues in essays, my College Essay Forum for Counselors private Facebook group:

Job shadowing, building your own projects, being the go-to tech person or social media expert for family/neighborhood/organization/school, starting and running own small businesses (lawn mowing, tutoring, power washing, baked goods, children's party planner), photography, writing, playing instruments, ventriloquism, self-taught language courses like Duolingo, taking MOOCs to learn coding, composing EDM, selling stuff on eBay, arts crafts, fashion blogging, beekeeping, glass-blowing, scuba diving certification, EMT certification, taking a part-time job to help with family expenses, academic enrichment (summer program, online class certificate, etc.), training pet goats, dogs, parrots to become therapy animals and getting them certified to visit senior living facilities, cleaning out grandma's attic stuff collected over essays canada cold the years, selling it on EBay, then saving that money to buy a car, maintenance or set-up for high school sporting events (baseball field prep, setting up the seneca essays timing equipment for swim meets or track meets), juggling or unicycling, yoga, mountain-biking, bird watching, sport refereeing (not in their primary sport), Book Club (outside of essays cold, school), cosplay + designing costumes, Fantasy football statistician, manager, recruiter, webmaster, or listing all the books you've ever read… Got an activity that's not here but should be? Add it in the comments below! 25+ Amazing 1-Minute Ideas to Take Your College Essay Consulting to wildlife essay, the Next Level. I (Ethan Sawyer, College Essay Guy) love it when articles and conference presentations offer a few take-away gems. But why not just create a presentation with *only* the gems, I thought? So I reached out to some of my favorite counselors and asked for their best essay tips and—voila!—this document came into existence. I’m grateful to the following folks for making important contributions to canada cold, this article: Evelyn Alexander, Casey Rowley, Piotr Dabrowski, Chris Reeves, Susan Dabbar, Noah Kagan, Devon Sawyer, Josh Stephens, Lisa Kateri Gilbode, Randolf Arguelles. Problem 1: How can I build rapport with my students more quickly?

1-Minute Solution: On your intake form, ask students to name a band or musician they're listening to lately. Then, when they come in for their one-on-one session, have that artist playing on Pandora. Pro-Tip: Get Pandora One for just $3.99/mo to essays cold, avoid getting interrupted by annoying ads. Another idea: Ask a more interesting question than “How are you?” when you’re first checking in with a student. Canada War. For example, “What are you celebrating today?” or “What mixed emotions are you experiencing at this moment?” Problem 2: How can I keep students engaged during a three-day essay boot camp (and even get kids to talk about my sessions long after the fact)? 1-Minute Solution: Invest in wildlife essay, great snacks. Canada War. “Chocolate is a must,” says Chris Reeves, “and a Costco or Sam's Club membership can be key.

Last year,” he adds, “I found Hot Fries to seneca, be pretty epic with the essays canada guys.” Pro Tip: Ask attendees if they have allergies. If so, research the best snacks that won't kill anyone. Another idea: Myers-Briggs (MBTI) mini-session. Problem 3: What are some ways to beat writer’s block? 1-Minute Solution: 4 ways to in zoos, break free: 1. Essays Canada. Move: Put on your headphones, blast your favorite tunes and talk a walk. Rake some leaves.

Shake it loose with movement. Remember physics? Momentum will create new energy. 2. Play: Toss a ball with a friend. Color in one of those cool adult coloring books, grab a hunk of clay and mold something. Get dirty and tactile. 3. Motivate: As Elizabeth Gilbert says in personal application, her TED talk, you’ve got to sit down at the keyboard and invite the muse to show up. In short, don’t wait for your moment of inspiration; create it. Or give your perfectionism a rest and give yourself permission to “get a B+”.

4. Freewrite: Don’t necessarily start at essays canada the beginning and try not to overthink things. Do think randomly. Essays Cold. Begin with a raw, non-linear, brain-dump. Or try writing morning pages. If writing or typing slows you down, use a dictation app like Dragon.

Problem 4: I just want to canada, record a quick video (for example, to show a student where to click on a particular website) but I don’t want to essay for college, go through the hassle of setting up a camera, etc. 1-Minute Solution: Use Jing to record a quick video of your screen, then share it via Essays Canada Cold War. Jing is here. Or record directly from your Mac using QuickTime (no download needed)! To record from Mac: Open your Applications folder to find QuickTime (or use Spotlight). Once it's open, go to File New Screen Recording and then click the Record button.

You can choose between recording a portion of your screen or the entire screen. QuickTime tutorial is here. Problem 5: Sometimes I just want to explain something quickly but I'm afraid it will take me too long to type it out and descriptive I'd rather not schedule a whole session with a student to explain a small thing. What should I do? 1-Minute Solution: See above! Record notes via video and then share it via Google Drive. Problem 6: I have a student who seems to forget everything we talk about in our sessions.

What can I do? 1-Minute Solution: Refer that student to another counselor! (Kidding.) Try Skype Call Recorder. Record the session in dual screen and then drag the file into a Google Drive folder with that student’s name on it, so that student can go back and essays war remember what you discussed. You can record sessions remotely or in global research paper, person. Heads-up: This will start to take up a lot of space, so you’ll want to essays canada, be diligent about dragging those files onto a separate hard drive and deleting them from your computer.

Bonus tip: One back-up drive isn’t enough. You need a back-up drive for your back-up drive that doesn’t live in moral, the same place as your first back-up (i.e. Canada War. your home/office). Keep a second back-up of your files elsewhere—perhaps on the Cloud. I recommend getting two of these. They’re inexpensive and haven’t failed me. I also back everything up on descriptive essay on a, Google Drive. Problem 7: I’m worried about liability with my students. We get pretty personal and I’m not 100% certain what might happen, but I just want to cover myself. 1-Minute Solution: Record your sessions. How? As mentioned above, record remote sessions via Skype Call Recorder or in-person sessions with the canada cold war Quicktime method.

Problem 8: Sending drafts back and forth via microsoft word seems to take too long. (OR) I’m tired of typing in application, all caps. 1-Minute Solution: Are you using Google docs (aka Google Drive) yet? Maybe. But are you really using it? Here are three things you may not be doing: Restoring an earlier version of canada cold, a document. Changing your status from “Editing” to global thesis statement, “Suggesting” in the upper right corner. Typing with your voice. Cold War. (Really, Google docs does that?

Yup.) Click here for seven more Google docs hacks that teachers (and counselors!) should know, including How to Create and Organize a Table of Contents. Problem 9: How can I help keep students from missing sessions or coming without homework finished? 1-Minute Solution: Set up text reminders with AppToto. Problem 10: How can I help my students avoid cliche language? Idea #1: When you re-reading an essay draft, highlight all the canada cold war cliches. Take as long as you need to replace them with expressions of your own phrasing. Even if your phrasing doesn't seem as clever or eloquent, the essay will instantly become stronger and more genuine. Idea #2: Imagine that your nemesis—your worst enemy, your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, your grade-school bully—is reading your essay. Highlight the parts that they would pick up on as being unconvincing, confusing, not credible, melodramatic, or disingenuous.

Then strengthen it accordingly by making it more honest, more clear, more realistic, and canada more grounded. Problem 11: How do I let students know that they are driving this process and I am the navigator? 1-Minute Solution: Lisa Kateri Gilbode gives each student a set of pilot wings. “They become sort of like their superhero capes,” she says, “And when we meet they wear their wings and it reminds them that they are in the lead.” Get sets of in india essay, 10 pilot wings on Amazon for war, $18.88. Problem 12: How can I be sure I'm listening more than talking in my one-on-one sessions with students? 1-Minute Solution: Along with their pilot wings, Lisa’s Gilbode’s students get a cricket clicker and because they are in the lead they get to click it when I do more of the canada talking and less listening. Get 12 clickers on Amazon for $7.71. Problem 13: How can I help parents feel they have contributed during the canada cold essay-writing process but still keep healthy boundaries? 1-Minute Solution: At the start of the process, have parents complete a set of parent homework questions, which offers them a chance to feel heard and, in some cases, dump all of their hopes and fears. Then ask: Anything else?

Then say (to those parents who want to be CC'd on drafts): “Sorry, we don’t do that, as we worry about too many cooks in the kitchen” (OR) “we like to make sure the student is really in the driver’s seat.” Then say, “I’d love to give the student a chance to work on essay, the essays for essays canada cold, a while with me, and seneca we’ll check back in for feedback once the canada cold essays are in a good place and the student is ready.” Note that this questionnaire can be just 10 good questions long. Pro Tip: I (Ethan) give parents the essay Values Exercise and have them complete it, then say, “Once finished, please list the top three values that you’d like to war, impart to your son/daughter, with a brief explanation.” Why do this? It 1) can help parents feel more connected to the process, 2) offers parents a sense of what exercises their student will be doing, 3) sometimes sparks neat conversations within the family. Problem 14: I’m an independent counselor and I want more people to know about me and the great work I do with my students! 1-Minute Solution: Check out warming research paper thesis statement Sujan Patel’s “100 Days of Growth” PDF. Essays Canada Cold War. For the first 26 pages, click here. To purchase the rest for $27 (and it’s worth much, much more), click here. Problem 15: I’m an seneca moral independent counselor and canada I really have no idea if my marketing is working or not! 1-Minute Solution: Do you have as many clients as you want? Great, you’re done! If not, use Dorie Clark’s Recognized Expert Evaluation Toolkit, which has great ideas for creating content, establishing social proof, and wildlife building your network, plus it has a self-assessment to help you rate how you’re doing.

Problem 16: How do I get my students to show and not tell? 1-Minute Solution: Have your students write down a list of adjectives that they want the colleges to essays war, know about themselves. Then tell the students they are not allowed to use those adjectives in their personal statements. Instead, make them tell stories that will force the reader to wildlife essay, conclude that the students have those qualities. This takes practice, but great writing is canada rewriting. Problem 17: How do my students know if their personal statement is personal enough? 1-Minute Solution: (Speaking to a student) Get together with a group of friends after you've written your first drafts of personal statements.

Don't put the authors' names on the drafts. Mix them up and pass them around. Your friends should be able to descriptive essay wedding, tell which draft you wrote. If they can’t, your personal statement may not be personal enough. Problem 18: I want to war, show my students good examples of personal statements, but I don't want to show them college application personal statements because I’m concerned they might just copy the structure and content of the examples. Where can I tell them to essay application, look for good examples of non-college app personal statements? Pro-Tip: Some teens like the piece by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Problem 19: How can I get my procrastinating student(s) to essays canada cold war, focus for just 25 minutes on an essay draft? 1-Minute Solution: Have them download the to keep in zoos essay Tomato One app, which is a simple timer that counts down from 25 minutes. It dings, then gives a five-minute break, then counts down another 25 minutes. Note that this has been responsible for essays war, all of my most productive days. Problem 20: How can I liven up a boring/ CLICHE essay topic? 1-Minute Solution: Play the UC (Uncommon Connections) Game.

All will be explained on moral, that page. Problem 21: How can I improve an essay in just one minute? 1-Minute Solution: Look at this Values Exercise and ask these three questions: Which values are coming through really clearly in essays canada cold, the essay? Which values are kind of descriptive essay on a wedding, coming through but could be coming through more clearly? Which values aren’t there yet but could be? Problem 22: How do I get students to come up with interesting topics for the “intellectual vitality” supplemental essay (for Stanford, and other schools)? 1-Minute Solution: Check out this Google spreadsheet with every TED talk ever.

Have students search for topics that interest them (e.g. neuroscience, climate change) and essays cold war then binge watch some TED talks. Problem 23: Tired of pestering a student who won’t respond to deadlines and is constantly making excuses? 1-Minute Solution: Outsource the pestering by hiring a personal coach via For as little as $65/mo, the in india student gets unlimited emails and in-app communication. Essays War. This has positively changed the game for moral essays, a couple of my students—and either you can suggest it to canada cold war, parents and let them pay the cost or work it into your fee, as I do (it’s worth it!). I recommend Kendra. Problem 24: The majority of my students are overseas and warming research paper work with me online. How do I create a welcoming environment when we are not working in person?

1-Minute Solution: On the essays canada cold war intake form, ask where their happy place is. Where does the student feel most empowered, comfortable and/or creative? Then use green-screen technology to seneca, create that space in my location. How? Use Zoom Meeting Pro which has built-in chromakey technology ($14.95/mo for a single host). You can also use WeVideo, which is cold war a bit more finicky, but some students overseas don't have the power to personal essay for college application, support Zoom. Here are some how-to videos: Problem 25: What do I do when a student is incredibly anxious about essays/college admissions/testing, etc? A. Check-in at the beginning of the canada cold meeting. Often we have a small window to meet with students and when they come in we’re not really sure where they are mentally before diving into a conversation about on a wedding celebration their future, which often involves heavy self-reflection/decision making.

It can be incredibly helpful to “check-in” with a student for literally 30 seconds to canada war, see where they are mentally. B. Global Warming Research. Stop Breathe Think is an app and cold website with short meditation and mindfulness resources. On their homepage you can complete a few questions and add your mood/feelings and it will give you suggestions on everything from gratitude, to short meditations, breathing and journaling. I’ll ask a student to do one of these exercises between now and the next time we meet and then I’ll follow up with their experience. C. Listen to the most relaxing song ever. Or click here for a guided meditation I created using that song as background. Problem 26: How can I improve every essay workshop I give… in just one minute? 1-Minute Solution: Spend one minute answering these three questions: What do I want them to know? What do I want them to canada war, feel? What do I want them to do?

And that’s just what I did for this article… I wanted you to know a wide range of tools, tips and tricks. I wanted you to feel informed, energized and canada cold war inspired. Seneca Essays. I wanted you to return to essays canada, your work with more ease, purpose and joy. So go do that now. Here are a few more contributions shared at the IECA Conference in seneca essays, May, 2017: Spread comfy pillows on the floor of essays canada cold war, your office! Ask students to pick three (and only essays cold, three!) people to canada cold, receive feedback from. Personal. Write three drafts and essays canada cold war ALWAYS start fresh each time. Turn on the voice memo feature on your phone and seneca just let the student talk. Then give them the canada cold war audio and global paper thesis statement say, “Go write that down.” For students who feel they can’t write *anything*, have them write for essays canada war, one minute, then count the words they wrote and ask, “Could we do a few more in wildlife, the next minute?” Build little wins.

Have the essays canada cold student list their superhero characteristics. Global Warming. (Student is the superhero.) My favorite: Use the visual mind-mapping tool called , which helps students create an outline in just a few minutes. 25+ Amazing 1-Minute Ideas to Take Your College Counseling to essays cold war, the Next Level. My colleagues (Evelyn Alexander and essays cold war Casey Rowley) and I spent several weeks in essays cold war, early 2017 asking some of the best counselors in the land for essay, their best advice. Essays Canada. We curated their top tips and descriptive essay wedding celebration presented the best ones at the WACAC and essays canada cold war HECA conferences. Then we thought: Why not share these more widely? So that’s what this is: 25+ tips to improve your counseling life. Why the plus sign? That’s where you come in.

Please add your best 1-minute idea in seneca moral essays, the comments below! Links encouraged. Contributors so far include: Evelyn Alexander, Casey Rowley, Ethan Sawyer, Piotr Dabrowski, Chris Reeves, Susan Dabbar, Noah Kagan, Devon Sawyer, Josh Stephens, Lisa Kateri Gilbode, Scottie Hill, Randolf Arguelles, Arun Ponnusamy, Pat Croner, Shannon Miller, Stacy Kadesh… And, hopefully, you. Please add your ideas in essays canada cold, the comment section--and feel free to use the format we’ve used below. Here are some of our favorites so far: Problem 1: You meet with a student and they are incredibly anxious about college admissions/testing and the entire process. How do you dive into ethical to keep your meeting (especially when you have limited time with the student), but ensure that the student is ready for essays cold war, a bigger conversation? Check-in at the beginning of the meeting . Essay. Oftentimes we have a small window to meet with students and essays when they come in we’re not really sure where they are mentally before diving into a conversation about their future that involves heavy self-reflection/decision making. It can be incredibly helpful to “check-in” with a student for literally 30 seconds to see where they are mentally. This can be done with a simple check-in question such as, “ If you could put your mood into a weather, what kind of weather would you be?

For example, today I feel sunny with some clouds coming in because I feel like I have a lot of things coming up that are due. ” Being vulnerable first helps students feel more comfortable opening up too. In groups, something as simple as stretching for descriptive essay celebration, 1 minute can make a big difference. Stop Breathe Think is an app and website with short meditation and mindfulness resources. Canada War. On their homepage you can complete a few questions and essay application add your mood/feelings and it will give you suggestions on everything from essays canada cold gratitude, to short meditations, breathing and journaling. I’ll ask a student to do one of moral essays, these exercises between now and essays canada the next time we meet and warming research statement then I’ll follow up with their experience. Problem 2: The student is fixated on brand-name schools, but feels lost when starting to search for colleges that will be a good fit. We ask students to do research on colleges that fit their wants/needs and values, we preach college fit, but what is an easy clear way to cold, get a student to see what they want? 1-minute solution: Draw your own college. This is an exercise to in india, challenge students to canada cold war, draw a bird’s eye view of their own dream college. In India. The guided exercise has the student draw everything from the canada war student union to resources and essay clubs on essays, campus, classroom size, curriculum and environment outside of the classroom. Essay. Students are able to war, visually imagine the things important to them in a college.

Have the seneca student take a picture or keep it in their file so when you are meeting with them later on you can remind them of their picture when they get fixated on a college that doesn’t really make sense. Problem 3: The college application process has so many steps! How do you help students keep track, not procrastinate and stay focused? 1-minute solution: Help them break it up into manageable pieces. Essays Canada. Encourage them to essay on a wedding celebration, write a list of short, attainable goals for the week, month and semester. They can write goals in essays cold war, their phone and global warming paper statement set reminders that will pop up on their screen. Ex. “By the end of this month I will take my SAT and start to research my colleges list.

By the end of summer, I will have first drafts of my UC essay written and a complete college list with deadlines.” Encourage students to write goals in a place that works best: notes on essays canada war, iPhone, in a notebook, calendar, etc.--whatever they’ll actually look at. Problem 4: If a student can’t visit the college and is trying to get a sense of the personal application campus environment. (urban, secluded, etc.) Or if they are having a hard time getting to know a college that they haven’t really heard of and are unable to visit. 1-minute solution: Use Google Maps and virtual tours! This one might seem out of place, but I promise it’s a powerful tool. It can be hard to have faith that a college is a good “fit” for you when you have never visited the campus.

Google maps has the amazing ability to help create a vision of not just the essays canada cold war campus, but its surroundings and context. Put the university in wildlife essay, the search engine and zoom out a little. What do you see? Museums? Mountains?

Access to a metro station that takes you into town? Where is the closest airport? What is the population of the canada cold town around campus? What does the closest town have? Also use virtual tours to get an interactive experience as if you were there! Problem 5: Families get the award letter and in india essay are shocked, angry, surprised.

How do you get them to canada cold war, research earlier with tools that will work? 1-minute solution: Send these four powerful tools home with families: This can be a homework assignment for families as they’re researching colleges. They key is to get them to utilize these resources earlier. Financial aid nights are traditionally in the Fall and mostly applying Senior families show up.

Host a Financial Aid Night in the spring just for younger grade levels and call it something catchier than Financial Aid Night (ex. How Colleges Can Be More Affordable Than You Think). Get them familiar with these search services before they come back as Seniors. Problem 6: Time management for homework. Students are inundated with hours of descriptive, homework. After getting home, after completing extracurriculars, the time it takes to complete homework can be insane. War. How do you study smarter, not harder? 1-minute solution: Have students write down their hardest homework first.

Not the longest project, but the subject they struggle with most. Ethical To Keep Animals In Zoos Essay. Tackle that one first, take a 5 minute snack/social media/zone out break, and then tackle the next toughest subject. Save your easiest subject for canada cold war, the end when it’s 9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. and research thesis statement your brain is essays cold fried from a full day. Need someone to help you stay accountable besides your mom reminding you constantly? Check out global warming paper below. Problem 7: Student is having a hard time deciding which college to commit to. 1-minute solution: Magic wand exercise: Keep a magic wand in essays canada war, your office. It's useful at to keep animals the end of the year, when a student is torn between 2 schools and can't decide. We make a pros and cons list, and if it's dead even (i.e. one is not way more expensive than the other) I take the essays canada war list away and essays rip it up in front of them. I tell them that they already know the answer - their body knows. Essays Canada. We are going to in india, use magic to get to what the essays war body knows.

I take out my wand and wave it over descriptive wedding celebration them and say It's decided, you are going to XYZ University! and cold I tell them the spell lasts for 24 hours. They can come back and in india essay see me in essays, 24 hours to have the spell reversed if they feel gross/don't sleep in the next day. Personal Essay For College. But now they need to canada cold war, leave, tell people it's decided, and carry on essay, like normal. (Extra bonus points for working out/hiking/singing/dancing or doing whatever else makes them get in essays canada, the “zone” and out of their head. ) More often than not, they come back and descriptive say “I felt great this past day! I'm so happy! I'm going to put down a deposit at XYZ University.” If they come back and canada war say “I feel gross. I had nightmares. Essay Application. I hated saying XYZ University out loud to people.” I reverse the spell and we go with ABC University. Source: Scottie Hill, Archer School of Girls. Problem 8: Student has impressive qualifications, but still has a hard time wrapping their mind around the essays canada war competitiveness of highly selective colleges. Essay On A Celebration. Parents might say: “But Johnny is the valedictorian and captain of essays canada war, his team, of course Stanford would want him!”

1-minute solution: Use data to help your students and parents gain perspective and a little humility about how competitive these schools are. Essays Canada Cold. For example, show your parent/student the image below (which doesn’t even include international applicants!) to illustrate the caliber of other applicants they will be going up against. Essays Canada War. You don’t have to say much to help them see that there are roughly 40,000 number one students throughout the United States alone. Source: Arun Ponnusamy, CollegeWise. Another 1-minute solution: Tell them this: Colleges are looking for students who will contribute to their campus--who will GIVE as well as take. Think hard about WHY you are a good match for moral essays, each school.

Articulate what you will bring to essays cold, the community and what you will gain from it. Your chances of warming research paper thesis, being admitted will be higher. Problem 9: Getting students to essays cold, research more colleges. 1-minute solution: College Research Project. Ideal in a Junior classroom. Each student must choose a college they have never heard of and give a small presentation similar to descriptive essay on a, what a college representative would do(facts, key programs, financial aid, etc.). By the time the presentations are over each student has learned about 20-30 new colleges depending on the class size. Link to tool: Also, check out the canada video from in india essay Evelyn Alexander, founder of Magellan College Counseling: “How to Research a College” for some extra help: Further info: Georgia Tech Admissions Director Rick Clark wrote a great blog post about how college admission isn’t “fair”--it’s mission-driven. Essays Cold. This brings home the essays canada cold point even further that students MUST know the stated philosophy/mission of each college to which they apply: IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Problem 10: Getting students (and parents) to canada, consider great options beyond the seneca moral essays UCs and CSUs (and/or they think that the UCs and CSUs are going to be less expensive) . 1-minute solution: Use RACC!

This is a great group of folks who are experts on helping California students attend out-of-state schools. Essays Cold. For school counselors, they will come to descriptive essay on a celebration, your school and conduct mini-college fairs, give presentations and offer case studies. For IECs--heck just give them a call and cold war ask them out for coffee! Problem 11: Student doesn’t know which teachers to ask for is it ethical, letters of recommendation. 1-minute solution: Have juniors read an actual downloaded copy of the teacher recommendation so that they know exactly how teachers are evaluating them. If the essays school is not a Naviance school or if you’re an IEC, you’ll need to canada cold, go into your Common App account, if you have one, and enter the FERPA/recommendations section. Essays War. You can print out a hard copy of the actual teacher letter of recommendation form if you enter a teacher/recommender without an e-mail address.

Problem 12: How do I get students to think about their priorities for global research thesis, their college experience (instead of essays, just focusing on the names)? 1-minute solution: Corsava Cards and Cafe. Have students sort cards and choose their Top 10 priorities. Then, they can take a photo with their phone and SEARCH for these things as they research colleges. They’ve identified their priorities--now they can actually look for colleges that fit those priorities! Problem 13: Parents want to drive the whole process. 1-minute solution: Ensure the student knows they have ownership. How?

Speak to (and make direct eye-contact with) the student at the end of each session and say “You’re in charge here.” And let the parents see and hear you do this. Keep doing this until they get it. Problem 14: Parents who want to wildlife, talk about college. All. The. Time. 1-minute solution: Set up a weekly time to talk about college and ONLY talk about college then! This is essays canada cold a big problem.

From the student’s perspective, their parents (and sometimes relatives--hello, can we talk about something else at Thanksgiving?!) are ambushing them daily. It really accomplishes nothing except to shut teenagers down. Make a game out of essay, it--whoever talks about college first during a non-college time has to canada cold war, buy ice cream for the whole family. Problem 15: How do I get 100% of my students to turn in global research thesis statement, their essays ahead of canada cold, time without fail? For school counselors: Have students sign a contract acknowledging that they understand that you will not read anything closer than 14 days before a deadline.

For IECs: Put it into your contract that you will not read anything that is sent to you with less than 14 days before a deadline. If this is not in personal essay application, your contract, create a document around Labor Day laying out your goals for submission timelines. Problem 16: Students who want to submit all of the super-reach school applications first. 1-minute solution: Don’t! Have them submit at least a few rolling and/or less selective applications first. Tell them their essays will get better if they revise/work on them for awhile. Why?

So you can get a couple acceptances early! Save some of the harder ones (NOT ALL!) for later--this also has the added benefit of giving the student time to improve the essays for the more selective schools. Problem 17: Students who want to submit all of war, their super-reach schools a minute before the deadline. Tell them squeezing 27 essays into a week’s time is not going to yield super-awesome essays that really tell their story. Oh and also that colleges aren’t impressed by people who submit things at the last minute.

Resource: College Essay Guy’s “Why Us” series. Problem 18: Getting students to essay for college application, love their safe schools. 1-minute solution: Have them research famous alumni at canada cold each school. Did you know Rainn Wilson (from The Office) graduated from UW? Ann Curry (NBC News) and essays cold war Ty Burrell (Modern Family) from University of Oregon? Greg Kinnear, Jerry Bruckheimer and Kristin Wiig from University of essays cold war, Arizona? Does anyone know where Matt Lauer went to college? (Hint: it’s probably a safety school for global warming, most students!) Note: these final tips will repeat from the essays-only version of this session/blog post. You can check out the rest of the tips at this link.

Problem 19: How can I build rapport with my students more quickly? 1-Minute Solution: On your intake form, ask students to name a band or musician they're listening to essays, lately. Then, when they come in for their one-on-one session, have that artist playing on Pandora. Pro-Tip: Get Pandora One for is it animals essay, just $3.99/mo to essays canada cold, avoid getting interrupted by annoying ads. Another idea: Ask a more interesting question than “How are you?” when you’re first checking in with a student. For example, “What are you celebrating today?” or “What mixed emotions are you experiencing at this moment?” Problem 20: How can I keep students engaged during a three-day essay boot camp (and even get kids to personal essay for college application, talk about my sessions long after)? 1-Minute Solution: Invest in great snacks. Essays. “Chocolate is wildlife in india essay a must,” says Chris Reeves, “and a Costco or Sam's Club membership can be key. Cold War. Last year,” he adds, “I found Hot Fries to global research paper, be pretty epic with the guys.” Pro Tip: Ask attendees if they have allergies.

If so, research the best snacks that won't kill anyone. Another idea: Myers-Briggs (MBTI) mini-session. During multi-day essay workshops, I (Ethan) like to break things up after lunch on the second day with a mini Myers-Briggs assessment. How? First, I’ll introduce MBTI—what it is, how it was developed. Then I’ll give students a brief Myers-Briggs assessment by essays canada going through the preferences and having them self-select as they look at essays cold this chart. (I do this with lots of jokes and canada cold personal examples.) Next I’ll have them go to essay on a celebration,, take a brief assessment, and see what resonates. We spend 10 minutes or so on canada cold, this, as it’s a great energizer, then we dive back into the essay work.

Problem 21: I just want to wildlife essay, record a quick video (for example, to show a student where to click on a particular website) but I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a camera, etc. 1-Minute Solution: Use Jing to record a quick video of your screen, then share it via Jing is here. Or record directly from your Mac using Quicktime (no download needed)! To record from Mac: Open your Applications folder to find QuickTime (or use Spotlight). Once it's open, go to File New Screen Recording and essays cold then click the Record button. You can choose between recording a portion of wildlife essay, your screen or the cold entire screen.

Quicktime tutorial is here. Problem: How can I help keep students from missing sessions or coming without homework finished? 1-Minute Solution: Set up text reminders with AppToto. Problem 22: How can I help my students avoid cliche language? Idea #1: When you’re re-reading an warming paper thesis statement essay draft, highlight all the cliches. Essays Canada Cold. Take as long as you need to replace them with expressions of your own phrasing. To Keep. Even if your phrasing doesn't seem as clever or eloquent, the essay will instantly become stronger and more genuine. Idea #2: Imagine that your nemesis—your worst enemy, your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, your grade-school bully—is reading your essay. Highlight the parts that they would pick up on as being unconvincing, confusing, not credible, melodramatic, or disingenuous. Then strengthen it accordingly by making it more honest, clearer, more realistic, and canada more grounded.

Problem 23: How can I get my procrastinating student(s) to focus for just 25 minutes on an essay draft? 1-Minute Solution: Have them download the descriptive essay Tomato One app, which is a simple timer that counts down from 25 minutes. It dings, then gives a five-minute break, then counts down another 25 minutes. Note that this has been responsible for all of my most productive days. Problem 24: How can I liven up a boring/cliche essay topic?

1-Minute Solution: Play the UC (Uncommon Connections) Game. Cold War. All will be explained on that page. Problem 25: How can I improve an essay in just one minute? 1-Minute Solution: Look at this Values Exercise and ask these three questions: Which values are coming through really clearly in the essay? Which values are kind of coming through but could be coming through more clearly? Which values aren’t there yet but could be? Problem 26: Tired of essays, pestering a student who won’t respond to essays cold, deadlines and is constantly making excuses? 1-Minute Solution: Outsource the pestering by personal essay for college hiring a personal coach via

For as little as $65/mo, the student gets unlimited emails and in-app communication. This has positively changed the game for a couple of my students—and either you can suggest it to essays canada war, parents and let them pay the global research statement cost or work it into canada cold your fee, as I do (it’s worth it!). I recommend Kendra. Here are a few more contributions shared at the IECA Conference in May, 2017: Spread comfy pillows on the floor of moral, your office!

Ask students to essays cold, pick three (and only three!) people to receive feedback from. Write three drafts and ALWAYS start fresh each time. Turn on the voice memo feature on your phone and just let the student talk. Then give them the audio and say, “Go write that down.” For students who feel they can’t write *anything*, have them write for one minute, then count the words they wrote and descriptive essay wedding ask, “Could we do a few more in the next minute?” Creating little victories can build confidence. Have the essays cold war student list their superhero characteristics. (Hint: the student is the superhero.) Use the visual mind-mapping tool called, which helps students create an outline in just a few minutes. 1-Minute Solutions (four of cold war, them!): Freewrite: Don’t start at the beginning. Don’t overthink things.

Do think randomly. Essays Canada Cold. Begin with a raw, non-linear, braindump. Try writing morning pages. And if writing or typing slows you down, use a dictation app like Dragon. Play: Toss a ball with a friend. Color in one of those cool adult coloring books, grab a hunk of clay and mold something. Get dirty and tactile.

Move: Rake some leaves. Shoot free throws. Or just put on your headphones and talk a walk. Remember physics? Momentum will create new energy. Problem 28: I'm probably not making the most of Google Docs. My favorites (all explained in links above):

1. Paper. Typing with your voice. 2. Essays Canada Cold War. Clearing formatting. 3. URL shortener. 4. Offline editing mode. 5. Open MSWord as a Google Doc. Have a 1-minute tip or resource you’d like to share? Post it in animals in zoos essay, the comments below!

How to Make the canada cold Most of a College Fair Experience. This post was inspired by a resource I first created for descriptive, the NACAC Pasadena College Fair and then rewrote after an inspiring conversation with Maria Furtado, Executive Director of Colleges That Change Lives. To hear that podcast “Colleges That Change Lives: Great Schools You May Not (Yet!) Know About,” click here. Let’s face it: college fairs can be really overwhelming. To give you a sense, here’s a photo I took of one two weeks ago: You walk into this giant room lined with rows and rows of tables filled with college reps and nervous students lined up ready to ask their questions and your first reaction is canada war like, “Whuuuuuut” and then (if you’re kind of an personal for college application introvert, like me) you want to either run the other way or just go sit in the corner somewhere and text your friend, “Where u at?” Here’s a secret: you’re not alone. There are tons of canada war, students and adults and (let’s face it) even college reps who are overwhelmed by college fairs too. But guess what? There’s a way to make your college fair efficient, productive and (get this) even fun. How?

Below are five ways. And bee tea dubs, if you’re a counselor, teacher or parent who wants to print this out and personal application give it out to essays canada war, your students, you can totally do that by clicking the orange box below. 1. Decide on a goal for your college fair experience. Why are you going in personal essay for college application, the first place? Here are some reasons that students at the above college fair shared with me when I asked them why they were there: “To like, find out about some schools.” “To learn about, like, college…?” “Because my counselor/parents are making me.” (Props for being honest, at least.)

Here are some better reasons to go to a college fair (that will actually help you get into essays canada war college): To make a meaningful connection with a rep from a college that a) you’re interested in in india, and b) that tracks demonstrated interest. To generate content for essays, your “Why us” essay. Lemme break those down for you right quick: Demonstrated interest is a system some colleges use to essays, track which students are super duper interested in essays, their school (and therefore more likely to attend). Think of it as “scoring points” with a college. Some ways you can score demonstrated interest points include a) requesting information from the college, b) liking the essay for college application school’s Facebook page, c) interviewing. How do you check the demonstrated interest box and generate great material for canada, your “Why us?” 2. Essays Canada Cold. Prepare 3-5 interesting, specific questions for the college reps. Why do this?

Because specific, interesting, questions will lead to more specific, interesting conversations, and essays war the rep is seneca moral more likely to war, remember you. Warming Research. Why is that potentially a good thing? In some cases, the rep you meet at essays cold the college fair may be the one who ends up reading your application. (Really? Yes.) Not all the descriptive essay on a wedding time, but sometimes--and this is especially true for smaller schools. What should you ask? Here are some quick DOs and essays canada war DON’Ts:

Don’t ask anything you can easily Google: “What’s your student-to-faculty ratio?” “Is it cold there?” “Do you have Biology?” Don’t ask general questions: “What’s your school like?” “Is your [fill in personal, the blank] program good?” (They’ll all say it’s great.) Do ask specific questions that invite a personal response. “What are the essays canada cold three coolest things about in india your school?” Where do you like to eat on campus? Do ask specific questions relevant to your major: “Do students have access to war, film equipment during their freshman year?” “How easy is it to take classes in in india, the School of Journalism if I major in Physics?” Stressed about the questions? Not sure what to ask? Then do this: Go up to the rep, smile, extend your hand, give a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Then ask that exhausted rep how they’re doing. (Really? Yeah.) Just connect on a human level.

Be present, then just see where the conversation takes you. Monica James (of the podcast I mentioned above) advises students to treat these interactions like a mini interview, saying “more than anything, it’s about your Presence.” So just do all the essays cold things your mama taught you, and see what happens. Want to know another way to essays, avoid being overwhelmed? 3. Spend an hour putting together a preliminary college list before you go. 4. Pick 3-5 schools from your preliminary list that you really want to talk to. Why 3-5 reps? Because depth is better than breadth. I’d say it’s better to have 10-minute conversations with 3-5 reps than 1-2 minute conversations with 25 reps.

Also: you’re more likely to hit that goal. Once you do, if you feel like it, talk to cold, a few more--BY THAT POINT YOU’RE IN BONUS TERRITORY. 5. Talk to in india essay, a rep from essays canada a school you’ve never heard of, especially one who has no one in front of them. Why? Those reps are more likely to be the actual person reading your application. In fact, at a recent college fair I went up to five reps who had no one standing in front of wildlife in india, them and cold war I asked all five, “Do you track demonstrated interest?” All five said yes. Then I asked, “What are the odds that you’ll be the application reader for a student that you meet here today. Four out of moral, five said yes and canada cold the fifth one happened to be a Dean of Admissions for her school, filling in for a rep on maternity leave--BUT HEY, SHE WAS THE DEAN. Why are these small schools at these fairs? Chances are they are recruiting in descriptive essay on a celebration, your area. In other words, many smaller schools are often “under-represented” from certain parts of the essays country (yours?), so they’re at the college fair trying to get more students to apply.

What does it mean if they don’t have many students from your area? Because schools value diversity (and because there is in india essay such a thing as “geographical diversity”) you may be just the kind of diversity they’re looking for… this sometimes means your application may be seen more favorably AND you might even get a little scholarship money. So go talk to these folks! Still not convinced this is essays cold war worth your time? Wondering how to develop a meaningful/authentic relationship with a rep? Click here to find out global thesis how. Demonstrated Interest: A Brief and Practical How-To Guide. This blog post was inspired by essays canada cold podcast Episode 108 with Monica James, in personal application, which we discuss everything from how to find out which colleges track demonstrated interest to whether you should or shouldn’t like a college’s Facebook page.

You can find that episode here. Spoiler alert: In this blog post I’ll share with you a list of potential Action Items that involve (among other things) attending college fairs, speaking with admission reps, and maybe even opening a few of those emails that colleges send you--things that might stress you out. Essays Canada Cold War. And why, you might wonder, would the “ease, purpose and joy” guy ask you to do things that mostly bring you anxiety? Why are we talking about demonstrated interest in the first place? Demonstrated interest (which I’ll explain in personal for college application, a moment) has become an important factor that some (keyword: some!) colleges consider when deciding whether to canada cold war, admit students or not. In fact, take a look at this NACAC survey from 2015 asking colleges which factors most influenced admission decisions: That’s right, it’s #7. TWO SPOTS BELOW ESSAYS. For the entire 2015 NACAC state of descriptive, college admission report, click here.

In short, demonstrated interest can play a big part in increasing your chance of admission. Want more proof? Here’s a 50-page report that concludes that, for the colleges mentioned in the study (those that track demonstrated interest), “off-site contacts [such as sending an email to a rep or requesting info from the essays canada cold school] increase the probability of admission by in zoos essay 10-13 percentage points,” while making both an on-site contact (like taking a campus tour) and canada ALSO making on off-site contact “increases the ethical to keep in zoos essay probability of admission by 21-24 percentage points.” Source. (Heads-up: There’s a lot of essays canada cold war, math in that report.) And get this: according to a 2012 NACAC report, between 2004 and warming paper statement 2011, the percentage of colleges that rated demonstrated interest as being “considerably important” rose from 7% to 23% (see page 23 of the essays cold report), although since then it has stayed right around the in india essay 20% mark. Demonstrated Interest: What is it? Simply put, demonstrated interest is essays canada something that many colleges and universities use to global warming thesis statement, track a) how much you (prospective student) like their school and, more importantly b) how likely you are to enroll if the school admits you. Why do schools want to know which students are likely to enroll? 1. Schools have a target enrollment number, which means that each year they want a certain number of students to enroll. Why?

Think about it: if they enroll 200 (or even 20) too many students, they’ve got a problem: where do they put everyone? Similarly, if they enroll 200 (or even 20) too few students, then they’ve got a different problem: 20 or 200 empty dorm beds. And when you multiply that number times that many tuitions, it can add up to a really big reason (or, if you like, millions of reasons) why schools want to try and hit their target enrollment number. 2. Cold. Schools want to protect their “yield.” What’s yield, you ask? It’s the percentage of students who decide to enroll at a particular college or university after being accepted. So, for example, if Northwestern offers ten spots to essay on a, ten students and all of them accept, that’s great for them! That means Northwestern is a great place to be and everyone loves Northwestern yay!

But if the school offers ten spots to ten students and only one student accepts, then that’s bad. Why? Because then they seem like that one giraffe at the zoo that none of the other giraffes want to play with. #sadgiraffeemoji Why else is it bad? Because yield is tied to a school’s ranking in US News and canada war World Report, which is a place that some parents and students look when deciding which schools they should apply to. (Here’s a better way to build a college list, bee tea dubs.) Put simply, if their yield gets worse, this can have a negative impact on their rankings. In short, colleges want to know: Who really loves us? And can you blame them? If you were running a college, wouldn’t you want to know who was not only likely to enroll, but also likely to stay all four years and graduate? Quick personal anecdote: In college I applied for a job at seneca moral essays a Mongolian BBQ restaurant in Evanston, IL and they required me to come to essays, not one, but four interviews. Four interviews! The first interview went great, but I was ten minutes late to the second interview and, when I showed up late, the hiring manager said, “Sorry, we won’t be hiring you.” I asked why and they said, “We just really value punctuality and this shows us you don’t really share that commitment.” And at first I was like, “Daaang,” but then I was like, “Yeah, you’re right.” By showing up late I was basically demonstrating a lack of interest in the job.

That hiring manager was saying what schools are saying: Show us you care. Like, actually care. Okay, so you may be wondering: How do I do that? I’ll tell you in a sec. First, I want to share… A Few Ways That Colleges Track Demonstrated Interest (DI)

Note: this info is from a presentation given at a conference in is it ethical in zoos, 2015 by a few college admission counselors who track demonstrated interest. If you’re really into this stuff, click here for cold, the presentation, as it shows screenshots from the computers of actual reps showing the details. But here’s what they track: Interaction and inquiry card submission (or scan) at college fairs Campus visit during junior year or summer after junior year Early application Supplemental essay: showing your particular interest in that college and how you have researched that school specifically Speaking with alumni or students who may share information with admission office Campus info session/tour in fall of on a wedding, senior year Interview with admission rep/alum Second visit to campus in senior year Overnight program Contacting admission rep Meeting with faculty on campus or by phone FAFSA form--how student ranks the school on the form (Ethan note: NOT true anymore. This was stopped in early 2015, so ignore this one. Source.) Oh, and you know those 42 questions that you answer when you sign up for the SAT? Some colleges pay for that info too.

So those are, y’know, 42 other things they track. Side note--and you can skip this if you wanna’ get to the practical stuff: At a party last night (yes, actually) I met a business analyst for the development office of a highly selective school (and “development office” folks are those who call alumni asking for donations) and cold war she let me know that student engagement is tracked even while students are on campus and--get this-- even after you graduate . Why? Because a student who attends alumni events may be more likely to donate. Fun fact: they even use something called “wealth screening” to find out how much money you might have. Yay for data! ANOTHER GREAT READ: College Interviews: Do They Really Matter? (Part 1 of 2) Okay, given this information, what should you do? A couple options: 1. Nothing.

That’s right. You can just keep getting good grades and participating in the activities and projects you love and keep living your awesome life. So there is literally nothing that you have to do differently now that you know this . For real. You can still get into a great school without demonstrating interest. But if you’ve read this and you’re thinking, “Okay, I could probably go to seneca, a college fair, and maybe reach out to an admission rep, and essays I could maybe even like the college’s Facebook page,” then here’s what you should do first: 2. Global Warming Statement. Spend some time developing your college list. Why do this first?

So that you don’t stress yourself out trying to essays canada cold, “demonstrate interest” for wildlife essay, like 20 schools, some of war, which you may not apply to wildlife in india, anyway. Here’s a resource for creating a great college list, for free. Once you’ve done that, and by canada cold the way developing your list may take some time, then… 3. Pick a small number of schools to which you’d like to demonstrate some interest. How many? I don’t know, pick three or four. But… 4. (Heads-up: this is important!) Make sure that each of these schools actually tracks demonstrated interest.

Otherwise it’s like you’re buying gifts for someone whose love language isn’t even gifts! (Okay, pretty obscure reference for this crowd, maybe.) How do you find out which schools track demonstrated interest? Here, lemme Google that for you: “Does [school’s name] track demonstrated interest?” Once you do, you might learn that, for example, Brown does not track demonstrated interest. In fact, none of the is it ethical to keep in zoos essay Ivies do. (Don't get me wrong: even though Ivies don't track DI, it's still a good idea to essays canada cold war, interview, visit campus, and learn about each school you're applying to, just make sure you’re spending your time wisely.) And, btw, if that Google search doesn’t turn up an answer, Google the school name and the words “Common Data Set” and seneca moral essays you can scroll down to essays canada war, find a list of factors that a particular school takes into account. It’ll look something like this screenshot from the 2016 Common Data Set for Loyola Marymount University: See: LMU doesn’t track demonstrated interest!

So stop demonstrating! And here’s a look at the Common Data Set for Bates College: See: they do track it! (So they do care that you care.) Wow, schools publish this info? Yup. Should You Demonstrate Interest?

I’ll make this really simple. Seneca Essays. You might consider demonstrating interest if a) there’s a school that you’re super excited about attending and war b) that school actually tracks demonstrated interest. If You Decide You Want to Demonstrate Some Interest (and It’s an Important “If” Because We’re About to Go Down the for college Rabbit Hole!), When and canada cold How Should You Do it? Okay, with all those qualifiers in place, here are 13 ways you can demonstrate interest, adapted from moral essays a great article by essays war Lisa Rubin-Johnson. Note that I’ve added how much time each one should take because a) the word “practical” is in the title of essay on a wedding, this post, and b) it’s a great way to cold war, help you make sure you’re doing this with ease, joy and purpose.

13 Ways You Can Demonstrate Interest (in order of the moral college process) Get on the school’s email list. (2 min.) You can do this by canada cold Googling the name of the school and filling out an “information request” form like this one. Open the emails you receive from essay a school and click on something in the email. (3-5 min.) That’s right: actually read the emails they send you, then consider clicking on something in war, the email (if it’s interesting to essays cold war, you), and maybe even spend a few minutes reading what’s on the web page that it sends you to. (Some schools track these things.) But mostly do it because, hey, you may learn something! And while you’re there. “Click deep” on the school’s website. (15-30 min.) This is my friend Michelle’s phrase; it basically means spending some time researching to canada war, learn, for example, if the in india essay school has a rad program that may be right for you. This will not only help you eventually write your “Why us” statement (assuming the school has one), but will prep you for a potential conversation with your regional rep if and essays canada when you… Attend a college fair. (2-3 hrs.) For tips on making the most of a college fair experience, check out essays podcast episode 107 with Maria Furtado and read the accompanying blog post. Contact your regional rep. Canada. (10-30 min.) More tips on developing an authentic relationship with your rep below. Follow the school on social media. (5-10 min.) Google to descriptive on a wedding celebration, find out what social media platforms the school is on, and canada follow or like their pages, then maybe even share or re-Tweet something from the seneca essays school. Visit campus. (Time spent depends how far away you live.) This isn’t possible for cold, everyone, but if you’re within a couple hours from the school, it’s a good idea (if you do live close to the school and never visit, a school might wonder why).

Make sure they’ve got some record you were there by signing up for a tour or meeting with a rep. Interview. (1 hr prep + 2-3 hrs driving to and doing actual interview) Some schools have interviews, some don’t--you can find out by Googling--if yes, do the interview. An alumni interview is fine; an interview with your regional rep (i.e. the person who is likely to read your application) is better. More tips on interviews at this link and note that at that link I address, “Does the interview matter?” For schools that track demonstrated interest, the interview matters. Supplemental essays. (You’ll have to write these anyway if you’re applying; time will vary.) The big one is the “Why us” essay, where essentially you get a chance to show the school why you feel you’d be a great fit for one another. If the school is (actually) your #1 choice, say that in warming paper thesis, your “Why us.” Lots more tips on how to write that essay at cold war this link. Apply Early Action or Early Decision. Research Paper. (Takes pre-planning, but no extra work to do beyond actual application.) Early Decision (ED) is something you can do for only one school and essays canada cold war means that, if you get in, you have to go. Early Action (EA) is moral essays something you can do for several schools and, if you get in, you don’t have to essays cold, go, but doing so shows you’re interested enough to apply earlier than most students. A few schools have something called Restricted Early Action, but make sure to moral essays, check the school’s website to see which school offers what. Why might you apply ED or EA? Because the ED and EA acceptance rates are often higher.

How much higher? Wouldn’t it be great if a resource existed that compared the cold difference between regular decision and seneca essays early decision numbers? Submit your application before the deadline. (No extra time required.) This is especially true for schools that read applications on essays war, a rolling basis (in other words: in the order applications are submitted). As Monica James says on the podcast, better to be the seneca first oboe player that a reader reads than the sixth! Thank you notes and emails. (10-15 min.) Hello, life skill.

Spend a few minutes following up after an interview or college fair meeting with a little, “Thanks for talking with me!” You can even ask a follow-up question, if you’d like to essays, keep the wildlife essay conversation going, but don’t go crazy (see tips below for more on essays, this). Follow the wildlife in india essay waitlist instructions. (10 min-2 hrs, depending) If you’ve been waitlisted by a school, make sure you do whatever they tell you to do--including the optional stuff. They may for example just ask you to fill out a simple form declaring your interest (10 min.), or they may say that you can submit one additional recommendation letter or a short letter detailing any additional information not included in essays cold, the original application (if they do, send the one--not six--rec letter, and in essays, the follow-up letter you write, only include new information, as they've asked). The school website will tell you what to do; if you can’t find the info, give the school a quick call to ask what to do and take careful notes. All right, at this point, you might be saying… Hey Ethan, this all sounds exhausting and war I don’t feel like doing it. Great, then don’t! You do not have to essays canada cold, do any of the 13 things mentioned above . Colleges will still read your application and you will be considered for admission.

Assuming you have good grades and test scores, you have followed all the war directions on the application and (this is important) assuming you have developed a balanced college list, you will still end up at a great school where you can get a great education and find happiness. But before you decide not to do anything, remember: You don’t have to do all 13 things for all 9 or 10 schools you’re applying to and you certainly don’t have to do them all in one day or even one week. You could just pick a couple schools that you’re 100% certain actually track demonstrated interest, then pick a few things from the list of to keep animals in zoos, 13 things and essays canada cold war do those. Focus on ethical to keep animals essay, building on authentic relationship with your regional rep from 2-3 schools on canada cold war, your list. Four Practical Tips for moral, Building an Authentic Relationship with Your Rep. Search the essays canada war school’s website to find out who your regional rep is. Research Paper. This is as easy as Googling, for example, “Davidson College regional rep.” Email your rep and canada cold war ask a question you are genuinely interested in . If, for example, you’ve looked on the school’s website (important if!) and have been unable to find out personal application if your rep will be in your area sometime soon, you might write briefly to say, “Hi! I’m wondering if you might be in the Bay Area (or wherever you live) sometime soon, as I’m really excited to essays canada cold war, apply to your school and canada cold war I’d love to meet you.” Or you might ask something really specific like, “Hi! I’m writing to canada, find out personal essay if it’s easy for freshmen enrolled in the School of Speech to canada, easily take advanced courses in essays canada cold, Journalism, as I know that they’re separate schools. But I’m really passionate about both, and I’m especially excited to apply to essays cold war, your school, since I know it has great programs for both of my interests: Communication Studies and Journalism.” Then sign off with a simple, “Thank you!” and for college give your name and perhaps the name of your high school. (Pro Tip: I’ve even seen some students create a simple signature for their emails where they pop in a headshot so reps can attach their name to a face.)

Keep the email conversation going (for a little bit). Not forever, just a couple emails. Canada. How? Ask a question at the end of essay, each email. Careful: this can get annoying after awhile, so don’t go crazy with this. And make sure you don’t email until you have a good and real question. You might, for example, ask if they’re going to be in essays cold war, your area visiting other schools and see if they might have time in your schedule to visit your school (make sure to check with your counselor first!).

But treat this like you’re having an actual, in-person conversation at warming paper thesis statement a college fair. Speaking of which: If the rep is coming to a college fair near you, go and meet them! Especially if you won’t or may not be able to visit the campus. And if you’ve already met the rep because they visited your school, still go and just say hello. Quick personal story: A few years ago I was chatting with a rep at war a selective school and descriptive on a wedding a student came up to him and said hello and introduced himself. The rep said, “Oh, yeah, I remember you!” and they chatted for like 90 seconds, then the student said good-bye. I was impressed by how the student carried himself and, once the student left, I asked the canada war rep half-jokingly, “What do you think? Is he in?” “Oh, he’s in,” the rep said. Essay. But he was serious.

“Really?” I said? “If he’s got As?” “Oh, even Bs. Essays Cold. He was the student ambassador when I visited his school and he showed me around--he’s a great kid and global we’d love to have him.” I don’t know if that student ultimately ended up at that school, but his demonstrated interest game was on point. Okay, that’s enough for essays canada war, you to do and think about so I’m gonna’ cut this off here and let you either get to work or get back to global warming statement, your life. If I had to essays war, re-cap the most important things from this post, I’d say: Check out that PDF that compares Regular Decision and Early Decision percentages for 2016, as it can help you decide if you want to apply ED or not. Get to work on your college list, so you can decide which schools you may like to apply some of the 13 tips to.

That’s all. Now go back to wedding celebration, having an cold war awesome life. Links referenced in descriptive wedding, or researched for cold, this post: ANOTHER GREAT READ: How Choosing Your Classes Ahead of Time Can Help You Get into the Right College. The Engaged Life: Six Ways to Get the Most Out of College. This guest post was written by Daniel Lerner. Research Paper Thesis Statement. He is co-author of the canada upcoming book U-Thrive, a faculty member at the NYU Langone Medical Center, and member of the instructional staff at personal essay UPenn’s Master of cold war, Applied Positive Psychology program. Along with Alan Schlechter, Dan co-teaches “The Science of Happiness,” NYU’s largest and most popular non-required course at NYU. John was no stranger to personal for college application, success. Exuberant, intense, and bright, he had captained his high school baseball team to essays war, the regional championship, had been admitted to wildlife, a number of top-tier schools, and was electrified by all that college had to offer. But by essays war the time he arrived for his sophomore year at NYU, he found himself, for the first time in essays, his life, directionless.

John had stepped away from cold war playing baseball; he realized that days at school that were once so engaging had become a grind; and it seemed that the harder he tried to seek out fulfilling activities, the essay more they eluded him. “I thought college would be the answer to everything I’d been through to essays canada cold, get here, but I frequently checked out of classes. Plus the canada war pressure to choose a major, pressure about a career path (basically pressure to succeed), was deflating,” he explained. “Without a sense of meaning in it, the day-to-day didn’t carry much significance. Essays Cold War. I felt smaller. Personal Essay. I struggled hard.” Two years later, John is killing it. He has created his own major, is a head RA, and is having a blast coaching baseball for cold war, city kids. What turned the tide? John realized that he had been relying on “outward definitions of success” rather than looking inside to engage his personal strengths. Once he stopped “going through the essay for college motions” and adhering to some invisible set of one-size-fits-all guidelines, the narrow door of success he had been trying to squeeze through was flung wide open.

College is no longer about essays war “what major” or “what job” he should be chasing. In India Essay. Instead, he uses this question to guide his decisions: “What pursuits do I find most engaging?” Once he had his picture of war, success in a frame that fit, the next steps became more tangible. Essays Cold War. Not only is success easier and more natural to achieve for John now, it’s more gratifying as well. As parents, there may be nothing more important to us than seeing our kids succeed. Essays Cold War. Not just “succeed” in personal for college, the traditional financial security sense, or even succeed at being happy, but succeed in essays canada cold war, finding activities that they adore—activities in which they become deeply engaged, enthralled (and possibly even point the global warming thesis statement way to a wonderful career). And when it comes to this brand of success, nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- will get them there more directly than employing their strengths of character.

The Gallup organization has shown that people have a 73% chance of essays, being engaged in their endeavors when putting their character strengths to use, a number that drops to essays canada cold, 9% for essays canada cold war, those who don’t. For College. Constructing a course load that incorporates these factors can result not only in a far more fulfilling college experience, but a vastly more successful one as well. Essays Cold. Studies show that college students who leverage their strengths enjoy deeper levels of moral essays, concentration, greater levels of personal initiative, greater motivation to war, learn, higher levels of performance, AND live happier lives. In fact when we were writing our book U Thrive: How to succeed in college and life, we reached out to the more than four thousand students who have graced our classroom over personal essay for college application the past five years, asking them what topic in our course had the most positive impact on war, their college experience. The results weren’t even close. Engagement and character strengths topped the list.

So moms and dads – what are strengths anyway, and for college how can you help your kiddos make the essays canada cold war most of global warming paper thesis statement, theirs? Marlowe, who took our course in the fall of essays canada, her junior year, had always had a creeping suspicion that she was living with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). “I was intensely interested in seneca essays, the music business,” she said, yet “I found myself registering for courses in art history, but all the while was totally immersed in the study of French language, and was constantly thinking about how to make travel a part of my life.” Like many students, Marlowe was having a hard time even identifying her strengths, much less pursuing them with any sense of canada war, purpose. To resolve this conundrum, Dr. Ryan Niemiec, education director at the VIA Institute on Character, recommends a three-step process: awareness, exploration, and in india application. So, first thing’s first: Do not pass go, do not collect $200…dare we say, don’t even keep reading until you become aware of canada, your strengths and familiarize yourself with how they suit you. Head over to descriptive wedding celebration, and take the canada cold free VIA Strengths Survey (did we mention free? Because it is.). Seneca Essays. It should take ten to fifteen minutes, but the benefits will begin the moment you get your results. When Marlowe took the survey, she found that her top strength was “love of learning.” Then it hit her: “I didn’t have a disorder and essays canada war I wasn’t lost—I was simply at wildlife in india my best when I was learning new things.

Just being able to name it gave me real freedom to essays canada cold war, be comfortable in my own process, and school has been SO much more satisfying ever since.” Signature Strengths: Which Strengths Help You the essays cold war Most? Those strengths that will help your kids be at war their best (and you be at yours) —those that were most helpful in warming thesis statement, the studies and essays cold war student stories alike—are called signature strengths. Essay For College. Most people have between three and seven signature strengths, and they are found among those ranked at the top of the assessment results. If you have any doubt about which are yours, walk through your top strengths with these questions in mind for each: Do you feel particularly excited when putting it to use? When you use this strength, do you feel like “the real me”?

Do you have a strong desire to use it frequently? Does your energy get renewed when you use it? Do you feel particularly happy, enthusiastic, or even ecstatic when this strength is part of your process? It’s not just how these strengths make you feel when you use them. In a study by Alex Linley, people who talked about essays war their signature strengths spoke more clearly and their tone of voice became more focused, their responses were more immediate, and they used phrases like “I love” and “it just fits.” When describing lesser strengths, however, they struggled to express themselves and were critical and impatient with themselves and their situations. Getting a handle on strengths is step one, but the real adventure begins when people begin to explore them in greater depth.

This not only helps them understand their strengths, it also helps them understand…themselves,…particularly them at is it ethical animals their best. When Damon, a student in war, our class, received his VIA results, he couldn’t see how any of them applied to him at all. In fact, he told the class that he thought them so ridiculous, he’d showed them to essays, his girlfriend to get a good laugh. She’d taken one look at the results, pronounced them dead-on, and proceeded to tick off a list of examples demonstrating each one of essays canada cold war, Damon’s top five strengths. As he saw them through someone else’s eyes, he said “I realized that I had just taken my best moments for granted – these really were the characteristics that I displayed when I was in is it to keep, the zone with friends, on essays canada war, the field, and in seneca essays, my classes.”

Whitney convinced her parents to take the essays canada war assessment, too. “The conversation about seneca moral essays how we have seen our strengths play out was one of the canada best that we had in years,” she reported. Global Warming Research Paper Statement. “My dad reminded me that since I was little, I wanted to take care of cold war, everyone around me. I figured that was just what people did, but his insights showed me how I always thrived when using my love and kindness. Celebration. Since then, I’ve been volunteering at essays cold war shelters more often and have made a point to send a note to essays war, someone that I love each morning. It’s an amazing feeling.” Sarah, an army veteran who took our course one summer , expressed her number one strength (“love”) by essays canada war designing a “strengths date” for her artist boyfriend. Having taken the animals VIA assessment, they discovered that his number one strength was “appreciation of beauty and essays canada cold war excellence,” so Sarah took him to breakfast at a particularly lovely restaurant before surprising him with a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed a walk in global paper statement, neighboring Central Park.

They finished their day by watching the sunset from the highest building at canada cold NYU. Global Research Paper Thesis Statement. Sarah’s report: “Best. Date. Canada Cold. Ever.” They can use your signature strengths to make the most of their relationships, be their best in the classroom, or enhance their life in every other way. At the end of the descriptive essay day, your strengths can lead to canada war, both happiness and engagement—literally: we had a student who credited his bravery for asking his girlfriend to marry him!

Not using your strengths is like carrying a tube of sunblock with you but never putting it on. Having first assessed each participant for seneca moral essays, their strengths, Alex Linley and his colleagues asked 240 second-year college students to write down their “top three goals” for the semester. Primed with examples such as “Attend most of my lectures,” “Have fun and enjoy myself,” and “Stop drinking alcohol during the week,” participants were clearly instructed that the goals must be personally meaningful. It turned out that signature strengths accounted for essays war, more than 50 percent of the reason that they reached their goals. Nobody ever won a championship using their non-dominant hand, or felt like they were communicating at their best using a second language.

If you want to is it to keep animals in zoos essay, help your kiddos be their very best – both in essays cold, and out of the classroom – help them understand, explore, and apply their strengths of character. Canada War. They can shine the light on what is wonderful today, and point the way toward a fulfilling, successful road in college and beyond. “U-Thrive” is available online and at booksellers. Essays War. As a speaker, teacher, and strengths-based performance coach, Daniel Lerner is an expert in positive and performance psychologies. His key theme is that developing a healthy psychological state has a profound impact on the pursuit of ethical animals essay, excellence—a message that he brings to students, high-potential performing artists and athletes, and executives at Fortune 500 companies and startups worldwide. Following a decade representing and developing young performing artists with ICM artists and 21C Media (which he co-founded), Lerner studied closely with renowned sports psychologist Dr. Canada Cold War. Nathaniel Zinsser, focusing on coaching and performance enhancement techniques employed by descriptive essay professional and Olympic athletes, before earning a graduate degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Canada Cold. Lerner is a faculty member at NYU Langone Medical Center and is on the instructional staff in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program his alma mater. “The Science of Happiness”, co-taught with Alan Schlechter, is currently the largest and most popular non-required course at New York University. In the classroom and in on a, his talks, Lerner integrates storytelling, humor, and science, helping students and professionals apply his teachings into essays their lives with immediate benefit. How to Plan a Fun (or Productive) Pre-College Summer: A Five-Step Guide. For more summer planning tips, check out my podcast episode with summer planning expert Jill Tipograph, in which we discuss everything from to whether or not expensive academic programs are worth it to personal for college application, some weird and interesting summer adventures . Step 1: Decide if you want your summer to be fun, productive, or both.

Here are five ways to canada war, have fun this summer: Travel somewhere you’ve never been before. Wildlife Essay. And it doesn’t have to be super far away. Click here to find places to cold war, camp near you. Or use this roadtrip planner and go see some weird stuff. (Pro Tip: Actually check the box that says “weird stuff.”) Get this: last week my wife and I took my daughter to see snow AND the aquarium. in the same day . #CaliforniaFTW. Take a look at your summer to-do list and cross one thing off of it. Canada Cold War. Just take it off the list; decide you’re just not gonna’ do it. Cold. There, doesn’t that feel better already?

Or, on the flip-side, do what Kevin McMullin from CollegeWise suggests: “Set a goal that you are 99% certain you won't be able to achieve this summer. Then go all out and try to achieve it as though your life depended on personal, it. Canada Cold. You'll either get there or get much, much closer than you were at the beginning of the wildlife summer.” #FailBetter. Just keep doing the essays cold thing that you love to do, but do it more. Essays War. Don't have anyone to do it with? Check out There are probably people within miles of essays canada cold, you already doing that thing. Here are five ways to make it a productive summer:

1. Seneca. Take a class at a local community college. So that a) you don’t have to take it during the school year, and cold war b) you’ve got something that looks super fancy on your transcript. Yeah, like cat-on-a-unicorn fancy. 2. Prep for the SAT or ACT. I know, I know, but stay with me. My favorite free or low-cost test prep resources for the SAT are here, here and here. For ACT prep, check out here, here, here, and here. Or, for a list of colleges that are test-optional (i.e. don’t require SAT/ACT scores), check out Personal Essay Application. Then cross that off your list. 3. Get rid of some stuff.

That’s right, do that Marie Kondo thing where you get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. My wife and I did, donating over essays war 1,000 books and essays canada war ? of essays, our clothes. Now we have no winter gloves and I can’t find my copy of The Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe. But our bookshelf is color-coded! 4. Read the Four Hour Work Week. Trust me, just read it. If you’re into nutrition and health, read the Four Hour Body. Moral. And if you like those, you’ll love Tools of Titans. Or if you don’t want to war, commit to global warming research, a whole book: 5. Read some longform articles. But there are so many out cold there, which should you pick?

What if someone spent two years culling the internet for the best ones and personal application put them all on war, a Google spreadsheet? I did and the result is this: Ethan’s Top Secret Stash of Really Great Reads. Here are five ways to have fun and be productive: Binge-watch some TED talks. Get your mind blown every 12 minutes. Essays War. Too lazy to search the website?

Here’s a Google spreadsheet with every single TED Talk. Essays Cold. Yeah, that’s 1756 videos from the greatest minds of our time. Should keep you busy for 440 hrs or so. Take an online course in something that fascinates you. Here are 1200 FREE Online Courses from Top Universities. Looking for something more practical? has over 5,000 courses in everything from How to Draw Good and Evil Comic Book Characters to personal application, How to Market and Monetize on YouTube. Essays Canada Cold War. And don’t even get me started on Coursera. In fact, in essays, an upcoming post I’ll show you how a student’s obsession with Coursera led to the greatest “Why Harvard” essay I’ve ever read.

Do something for someone else for once in your life. Canada Cold War. Just kidding, I'm not your mom when she's super mad at you. Personal For College. But seriously, find a way to give back and make it something that isn't boring. Work in canada cold war, a garden. Read to descriptive essay celebration, kids. Essays Canada War. And if all of essays cold, those are boring, click here for a list of like a billion other things. In fact, take things to essays cold, the next level and. Create your own online course. What’s something you can do so well that you could teach people?

My brother’s friend, for global warming thesis, example, teaches design sketching. My brother’s brother teaches students how to essays cold war, write their personal statements for college. (Just kidding, that’s me.) Build something that solves a problem. A student I worked with this year created an app to remind him which books to essays, bring to school on canada cold war, block-schedule days. Another created an app to prepare for the AP Bio test. It’s got 10K+ downloads and essay celebration counting.

Do you think he included this in his college application? Eh, oui. Ready for more inspiration? Time to search within. Step 2: Do my 2-minute exercise that’s guaranteed to essays cold war, make your summer more fun and productive. Check it out: I’m a big fan of descriptive on a celebration, guided meditations and (did you know?) I’m a certified hypnotherapist. So I created a 2-minute hypnotherapy exercise to help you make your summer the funnest, most productivest yet. (I know those aren’t words.)

Not a fan of guided meditations or being hypnotized? Okay, if you listened to the exercise, you should have one fun thing and one productive thing in canada cold war, mind. (And, if you didn’t listen to it, go ahead and just pick one fun thing you’d like to canada cold, do this summer and one productive thing.) And while ideas are great, execution is even better. To that end. Step 3: For the fun thing, ask yourself, “What’s one thing I could commit to doing in the next 24 hrs that would get me one step closer to making that thing happen?” In fact, take out your phone right now and email yourself a reminder to do that one thing. Good. Next I’m gonna’ teach you the secret to How to Get Anything Done in 30 Days . It’s dangerously simple, but it’s the secret to how I was able to cold war, launch a six-figure voiceover career. Canada War. (Didn’t know about cold war that, did you? #FullofSurprises #OrSomething) Step 4 (Minute 5): For the in india essay productive thing, create your “30 Days” doc. Open up a brand new Google doc and at the top of it type the essays canada war words “30 Days to [Name the Thing You Want to essay celebration, Get Done].” Example: 30 Days to Creating My Own Website” or “30 Days to Playing Stairway to Heaven on the Guitar.”

Underneath your goal, write today’s date. Canada Cold War. Do one thing today to work towards that goal. Cold. And if you can’t do one thing today, just write, “I created this doc.” Tomorrow, write the date above the old date, do only one action, and write it down under the date. Repeat for canada cold war, 30 days, or until you’ve completed your task.

Here’s an example of an actual 30 days doc that I kept on personal for college, my way to building a six-figure voiceover career. Pro-Tip: Ask someone to essays cold war, be your accountability partner by sharing your Google doc with them and challenging them to global warming research paper thesis statement, create their own 30 days doc by putting their goals on the same doc! Go through those steps and you’ll be five billion percent (okay, let’s say 50 percent) more likely to get done the productive thing you’re hoping to essays, get done. Then. Step 5: Congratulate yourself on having set yourself up for the funnest, most productivest summer ever. Now go and global warming paper thesis do the thing you said you’d do in Step 3. And if you’re looking to essays, procrastinate a little more, there are worse ways than listening to the Jill Tipograph/Everything Summer podcast in which we talk about: What summer opportunities matter most to descriptive essay celebration, colleges on an application and helping prepare students for college (because Jill and essays canada cold her colleague actually surveyed them) Whether or not expensive summer programs are “worth it” What students and parents should do but often don’t do when it comes to planning their summer. 15 Ways to Advocate for Undocumented Youth. 1. Provide hope encouragement. Reassure undocumented students that college is possible, despite the obstacles.

2. Drop the “I” word. Instead of the word “illegal,” use the words “undocumented” and “dreamers.” Help change the immigration discourse. 3. Make information and application resources available for ALL students. Don’t require students to self-identify in order to essays cold, access information. Many students will be scared to reveal their immigration status or they may not know their status. 4. Be open-minded. Don’t make assumptions about personal essay application who may or may not be undocumented. Essays Cold. Undocumented youths aren’t all Latino, Spanish-speaking, or enrolled in ENL classes. 5. Essay On A. Be knowledgeable about specific government and college admission policies that affect undocumented students:

6. Essays War. Support pro-immigrant federal, state and paper statement city legislation such as the federal DREAM Act, the IL Dream Act, in-state tuition IL Public Act 93-007. 7. Identify scholarships that don’t require citizenship /residency like these and these and through this and this. 8. Advocate for scholarships and private colleges to allow undocumented students to essays canada cold, apply and enroll. 9. Involve parents. Educate the parents of undocumented students as to the benefits of a college education. 10. Help create lasting support networks that can offer ongoing mentoring and advice for undocumented youth. 11.

Refer students to essays canada, qualified legal counsel to inquire on essays cold, possible immigration remedies. i.e. BIA Accredited Agencies. 12. Identify role models : undocumented youth and/or college graduates from the community to give a presentation to essay application, inform, empower and share resources. 13. Essays Cold War. Reach out to on a wedding, organizations, community groups that can support undocumented and immigrant youth, or create a club that supports undocumented students.

14. Essays Canada. Make your school/ classroom a safe haven for undocumented youth . Post a sign in ethical essay, your classroom that states that you support undocumented students and their dreams! 15. Stay informed and updated on immigration or education legislation changes that will affect youth, their families and communities. War. RESOURCES FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS. List compiled by Dr. Aliza Gilbert.

DREAMer’s RoadMap: Helping undocumented students find scholarship opportunities through a mobile app DACA Scholars: Same. College Advising Guide for Undocumented Students (college information and resources) Educators for Fair Consideration (includes a good scholarship database) FINANCIAL AID AND UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS. 6 cosas estudiantes indocumentados necesitan saber acerca de la universidad (Translation: Six Things Undocumented Students Need to Know About College -- CollegeBoard article) In the Shadows of the Ivory Tower Department of Education College Board – Young Lives on paper statement, Hold: The College Dreams of Undocumented Students. How to Write a Great Financial Aid Appeal Letter. To hear my complete interview with financial aid expert Jodi Okun, who has helped thousands of families navigate the college financial planning process, click here. So you’ve been accepted to a great college (yay!) only to find out the school isn’t giving you enough money (womp womp).

What do you do? Accept your fate? Resign yourself to attending your back-up school? Start a GoFundMe campaign? Maybe. But first. You gotta’ wonder: Is this ALL the essays money the school can offer me? Could it be that, if you ask nicely, the descriptive on a celebration school just might give you a little more?

True story: When I asked Northwestern for essays canada, more money the paper school gave me more money AND THAT LED TO THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE. In fact, I only spent about $4,000 per year. Caveat: I had a zero EFC (Estimated Family Contribution), so much of cold war, it was need-based aid, but still! If I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have gotten more money and wildlife in india probably wouldn’t have gone there. Real-talk: Asking people for money is canada war hard. I get weird sometimes just asking friends to essays canada war, chip in for pizza. And it can be especially difficult when your college future is on cold war, the line. But consider doing it.

Because, well, your college future might be on the line. Why should you consider writing an global research statement appeal letter? you can write an appeal letter in essays canada war, like an essay wedding celebration hour, and essays cold war it may be the on a celebration fastest $2,000 (or $8,000) you ever make if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. When should I write an appeal letter? As soon as you can. Because when the canada cold money’s gone, it’s gone. Moral. So, like, now. I’m about to tell you.

But before I do I thought I’d bring in some help. In Episode 103 of the cold College Essay Guy podcast I spoke with Jodi Okun, financial aid guru and author of the Amazon bestseller Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro. We talked about everything from whether or not to for college, include house and retirement when reporting assets on the FAFSA to how decisions are sometimes made in a financial aid office. Essays Canada Cold War. But the wildlife in india main topic of our conversation was appeal letters--what they are, who should write one, and what to literally say to a financial aid officer when calling to make an appeal. Here’s one of my favorite bits of advice from essays canada war Jodi on the importance of allowing for a pause in conversation when appealing to a financial aid officer: “Parents have an agenda about what they want to say, but financial aid offices have a process they have to global research thesis statement, follow with every folder on their desk,” Jodi says. “You may think the next step is canada war one thing but they may give you another step which might get you further in descriptive on a celebration, your appeal.” Below you’ll find a few great samples--one from my former student and a couple from families Jodi worked with--with analysis and cold war suggestions on wildlife essay, how to write your own appeal letter. Underneath that you’ll find some links to some financial aid resources you don’t want to miss. To the Financial Aid Office at UCLA:

My name is Sara Martinez and I am a 12th grader currently enrolled at Los Angeles Academy. Essays Canada Cold. First, I would like to say that I am much honored to have been admitted into this fine school, as University of global warming statement, California Los Angeles (UCLA) is my number one choice. There is canada cold a problem, however, and it is seneca moral essays a financial one. I’d love to attend UCLA--it’s near home, which would allow me to essays canada cold war, be closer to my family, and the Bio department is phenomenal. But, as a low-income Hispanic student, I simply don’t feel I can afford it. I’m writing to respectfully request an adjustment of my financial aid award. Here are some more details of my financial situation.

Currently, my father works as an assistant supervisor for American Apparel Co. and he is the only source of descriptive essay, income for my family of five, while my mother is a housewife. The income my father receives weekly barely meets paying the bills. Father’s average weekly gross pay: $493.30. Father’s adjusted gross income: $27,022. Legal Services: $200. Car payment: $230.32.

My parents cannot afford to have medical insurance, so they do not have a medical bill. My father’s average monthly income is an estimate of $1,973.20 (see attached pay stub). When household expenses such as rent, car payment, legal services, gas bill, and electricity bill are added together the canada cold war cost is of $1,402.70. Other payments such as the phone bill, internet bill, and seneca moral groceries also add to essays war, the list. But in order to seneca, make ends meet my father usually works overtime and essays tailors clothes for people in our neighborhood.

My family is on an extremely tight budget and unfortunately cannot afford to pay for my schooling. I have worked my way up and was recently awarded Valedictorian for essays cold, the class of 2014. Cold War. My goals and my aspiration of becoming a nutritionist have helped me push forward. Is It Ethical To Keep Animals Essay. I appreciate your time in reconsidering my financial aid award. I’m looking forward to becoming a Bruin. Another great read 5 Resources That Will Save You $3,480.

Here’s another another (much shorter) appeal written by essays war one of ethical in zoos essay, Jodi’s former clients: Dear Financial Aid Director. After submitting the FAFSA for the 2017-2018 school year, I realized that you are using the same tax year (2015) that was used for my son’s freshman year. I am writing to you because my income for this year (2016) has declined and this fact will not be represented when you examine the essays cold war FAFSA for 2017-2018 – let me explain why. I am a freelance graphic artist and only work when I receive a call for a project and moral essays am offered the job.

In other words, I only receive a pay check when I work. This could be for one day or several days, but I do not have steady or guaranteed income. In addition, it is not a job in the traditional sense, where I go to work at the same place every day, I may work for several different companies. I have been very fortunate in that I have been working my craft for a long time and get a fair number of calls but some years are better than others. Unfortunately, this year (2016) I am on essays war, track to make approximately $15,000 to $18,000 less that I did in canada cold war, the 2015 calendar year. Thank you for your consideration, You’re using our 2015 tax info to essays canada cold war, award financial aid The 2016 info is different Why?

I’m a freelance graphic artist: sometimes I work, sometimes not I’m on track to make 15-18K less this year. Simple. You can do this. Dear Financial Aid Office, We appreciate you offering our son Paul a scholarship, but even with your help we can not afford the wildlife in india essay tuition. We have asked his grandparents and uncles to help, but they to unfortunately are not able to help pay the tuition. I would use our retirement money for him to attend your school, if we had any retirement fund.

We honestly don't know how to make this happen without your help. Next month I will be having a necessary hysterectomy and cold war I will be out of commission for a couple of months and can not work. I am a first grade teacher at a small church school with a very small income and we can barely make ends meet. I like to to keep animals in zoos essay, share with you a little bit about our son. War. I know you know how talented he is or he wouldn't have gotten into essay celebration your school. Canada Cold War. I know you only accept 22 % and seneca moral he was one of the lucky few you let in. He has been working on essays canada cold war, his craft his whole life. He is one of the kindest and friendliest young men. He is wildlife in india genuine, not at all phony. Essays. He will walk down the halls of his school smile or say hi to anyone, teachers and students. He was voted Homecoming Court two years in a row.

Your school is the only school Paul wants to attend. He said to us he will not go to college if he can not go to seneca essays, The New School. None of the cold war other schools offer what The New School can offer him. He has always wanted to descriptive essay celebration, be an actor, writer and director ever since he was five years old. Not only will Paul benefit from attending your school but you will also benefit. If you can offer us more financial help, Paul will be able to attend and graduate as one of your success stories. Thank you in advance for taking the time to canada war, reconsider the global warming research amount you have offered Paul. Gina and essays cold Tom Atamian. Information. Give the school the wildlife in india information it needs to make a new decision.

Bullet point this so that you don’t find yourself worrying about “how” to say it. Essays Canada Cold War. Actually writing and submitting the letter. Wildlife In India. I’ve seen many students that could have appealed not appeal due to essays canada war, one fear or another and ultimately they didn’t submit a letter. Thesis Statement. Just write it. If you have reason to canada cold war, appeal, do so.

I tell my students: you don’t want to look back years from now and wonder, “I wonder what would have happened if…” Dispel those future doubts. Start with bullet points. (Yes, now.) Five More Financial Aid Resources You Don’t Want to Miss. We discuss all these resources on the podcast with Jodi, and much more, including: What to literally say to a financial aid officer when calling to wildlife in india essay, make an appeal [13:40] How to canada war, be prepared for the financial aid appeal conversation [22:50] How often parents are speaking with the person who could be the wildlife essay decision-maker [17:10] An inside look inside how decisions are sometimes made in a financial aid office [18:00] Listen to the whole podcast and check out the rest of the show notes (with times stamps, so you can fast forward to the part you want!) here.

Another great read: Five FAFSA Myths – Busted! Order the New Book: College Essay Essentials. Video Course: How to Write a Personal Statement. Video Course: How to Answer the New UC Application Prompts. Get the essays Complete Guide to Writing the Why Us Essay.

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123Helpme Essays and Research Papers. 2007). Essays Canada Cold War! Petruchio only marries Katherine to get her father’s money. His behaviour seems to be very unreasonable. He is late for the wedding, he carries . Katherine immediately afterwards (III, II), and keeps her from eating and sleeping (IV, I) ( 123helpme : 2005). He seems to moral be a peculiar character who does not show the rational behaviour that any rational and sane man would show. On the contrary, Katherine, although being ill-tempered, shows a more rational behaviour; something which Bloom argues. Essays! 2008 albums , Love , Marriage 1888 Words | 6 Pages.

Distribution Resource/Requirements Planning. DRP and procurement Author: Gerhard Knolmayer Date: 4/12/2012 4) Name: HANDBOOK LOGISTICS DISTRIB 2nd ed Title: integrated logistics and the supply . chain Authors: Alan R. Rushton, John Oxley, Phil Crouche Date: 4/12/2012 5) Name: 123helpme Title: walmarts supply chain Link: Date: 5/12/2012. Inventory , Logistics , Management 614 Words | 3 Pages. rights on every level. It refers to the employment, harboring and global warming thesis provision of a person for the intention of viable sex or forced labor. Every year, around . Essays! 600,000 people are trafficked around the world and research paper majority of them are women and essays canada cold children ( 123helpme , 2009). Scotland is one such country which faces human trafficking at is it to keep essay an alarming rate. It has a growing migrant population which has resulted in people being lured there for a better life but ending up sexually or physically exploited. Various cases. Human rights , Human trafficking , Sexual slavery 636 Words | 2 Pages. Oct.

2012. Barbeau, Jeremy. Influence of Music on Young Adults Exploratory Essays . Research Papers. Influence of Music on Young Adults Exploratory Essays Research Papers. 123HelpMe , n. d. Canada! Web. 04 Nov.

2012. Collins, Rebecca L., Steven C. Martino, and Rebecca Shaw. Influence of New Media on Adolescent Sexual Health: Evidence and Opportunities. Influence of animals New Media on Adolescent. AIDS , HIV , Human sexual behavior 1143 Words | 5 Pages. campaign got lost in cold war all of the fighting. Global Warming Research Paper Thesis! Forget your party differences and essays canada war get back into passing the proper legislation. carpenter, j. (2013). Canada! . Kenney, M. (2013, march 19). War! Kozol, J. (2013, mar). Retrieved from 123HelpMe : lt;;. Education , Ethics , Government 1030 Words | 3 Pages. Gorilla, My Love with All the Boys and Girls: Stories of Betrayal.

betray the child. The tomboys in both of the stories get a sense of how the world often does betray people. WORKS CITED Alice Munro Boys Girls Essays . -- Alice Munro's Boys and Girls. Free Essays, Term Papers, Research Paper, and Book Report. 123HelpMe !, 2001. Web. 16 May 2011. Essay For College! lt;;. Boys and Girls Cowboy Hat. Blogspot, 29 Mar.

2005. Web. 16 May 2011. lt;;. Gale, Thomsan. Gorilla. Betrayal , Boy , Childhood 1206 Words | 3 Pages. -of-communication.html Vicker, B. (2008). Communicative functions or purposes of canada communication.

The Reporter, 14(1), 13-17. Retrieved from . Functions of Communication. (2014, November) 123HelpMe . Retrieved from In India! NIDCD (2014, February) American Sign Language. National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders. Essays Canada War! Publication # 13-4756 American Sign Language , Communication , Hearing impairment 569 Words | 3 Pages. Moreover, “focusing on the future of wireless communications, Samsung launched futuristic products such as the mobile phone watch, the statement, PDA-phone, the digital . camera cum mobile phone, the MP3 mobile phone and canada war its latest model of 3G mobile phone” ( 123HelpMe , 2010). Price The price of Samsung products is similar with LG. Essays Canada Cold! For example, Samsung F480 Mobile Phone, which has “223 MB Memory, 5 Mega-Pixel Camera with 4 X Digital Zoom”, cost RMB 993-RMB 2,325.

Another example, “Samsung UA40C7000 40 3D LED. Canada Cold! City , GSM , GSM services 1303 Words | 5 Pages. Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. Retrieved March 16, 2011, from is it animals Television . and Media Essay - TV, Violence, and Censorship; Argumentative Persuasive Topics. (n.d.). 123helpme . Retrieved April 1, 2011, from O'Malley, M. (n.d.). Exploring U.S. Cold! History | regulating television. Roy Rosenzweig Center for seneca, History and New Media . Retrieved April 1, 2011, from Aggression , First Amendment to the United States Constitution , Plato 1427 Words | 4 Pages. Streetcar Named Desire - Old South vs. New South.

South. From the canada, beginning Stella and Stanley have had a strong, rigid relationship. One which no one could penetrate because of this structure Blanche . underestimated Stanley and did not foresee the wildlife essay, problems which eventually brought her downfall ( 123HelpMe ). Williams uses these polar opposites the values of the different generations, and how Stella, representing society, has chosen a new way of life. Essays Canada War! Works Cited Conflict Between Blanche And Stanley In A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire , Blanche DuBois , Characters in plays 1525 Words | 5 Pages. from the ghetto have less moral values than someone from out of the ghetto.

However, the true definition of the word says nothing about morality. Although . the word has a myriad of meanings, it is still understood in to keep a variety of essays war conversations ( 123helpme ). Canada! Did the word ghetto really go from being such a negative term to such a positive one while somehow still maintaining part of its original meaning? That’s exactly what the word has done. The bridge between the two polar opposite canada cold, meanings can. Ghetto , Ghetto fabulous , Jewish population 1812 Words | 5 Pages. never considered what his needs and wants might be. When Gregor had transformed, only then did they realize how they are dependent on him. In reality, the . same thing happens.

People only start to appreciate ones worth when it's already too late. ( 123Helpme , 2003) Like generations of today, they are not very expressive of seneca essays their feelings. They just give more value to their personal ego, thinking that showing how much you love somebody will be so overrated. So when somebody had moved to a far place, or. August Strindberg , Franz Kafka , Gregor Samsa 2842 Words | 7 Pages. Totalitarianism, Violence, and the Color Red in the Handmaid’s Tale. of their garments, their monthly reminder of their sole purpose and the blood from birth and the executions is essays, seen. Research! “However, in the context of Gilead, red . is not just menstrual blood or blood resulting from birth; the red is a threat of death” ( 123helpme ). One of the more hidden interactions of violence and essays canada the Handmaids is portrayed through the tulips in Serena Joy’s garden, the wife of Offred’s Commander. The color of the tulips is the same color of the blood smile hanging on the wall. The tulips. Arthur C. Clarke Award , Margaret Atwood , Oryx and Crake 1852 Words | 5 Pages.;. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Roadrun A. Essay For College Application! Who Is the Protagonist of the Play Julius . Essays Canada Cold! Caesar? Yahoo Answers.

2007. In India! [ 2 ]. Essays War! Anonymous. “Julius Caesar: Brutus Is The Protagonist.” 123helpme . October 2005 [ 3 ]. Roadrun A. Who Is the Protagonist of the Play Julius Caesar? Yahoo Answers! 2007. Web. 20 Oct. 2012. [ 4 ]. Gill N.S. Ancient/Classical History. To Keep Animals Essay! Julius Caesar Assassination. Essays Canada Cold! What Were Caesar's Famous Last Words as He Prepared. Augustus , Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus , Julius Caesar 1908 Words | 5 Pages. Moral! all this information will assist me in transforming and making my dreams come true, both at school and at work.

REFERENCES Do One Thing, (DOT). ( . n.d.). Cold War! Elder Quotes. Retrieved from 123HelpMe . Global Statement! (2013). The importance of cold effective listening skills in essays cold war the Workplace. Retrieved from Scheckle, Luck, van Heerden, Harran, van der Merwe, Potgieter Cleary. (1999). Cold War! The Communication Handbook. Republic. Communication , Competence , Employment 1479 Words | 5 Pages.

Photographer (Carol Ann Duffy) | Litxpert. Litxpert. N.p., 2 Dec. 2011. Global Research Thesis Statement! Web. 6 June 2013. . Carol Ann Duffy – War Photographer. Rap Genius. N.p., n.d. . Web. 6 June 2013. . Critical Analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy : English Literature. 123helpme . N.p., n.d.

Web. 6 June 2013. . . English-language films , Photographer , Photography 701 Words | 2 Pages. River in California. He was the son of Olive Hamilton Steinbeck and John Ernst (French 13). Being a small town kid, Steinbeck lived close to the country. He . Essays Cold War! usually worked as a farm hand on a sugar beet farm near his home (“Life of John Steinbeck”, 123Helpme ). Essays! Because his mother was a school teacher, she instilled the love of writing and reading to young Steinbeck (Florence). Essays! He began to personal application write at war an early age, taking a liking to describing his life experiences in on a wedding the fertile valleys of California. In. Dust Bowl , Ed Ricketts , Great Depression 2706 Words | 8 Pages. as taking the conventional path, although in actuality we will never know the cold war, outcome of the paths we choose not to take.

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Analysis of cold war Ballad of ethical essay Birmingham church was the warzone and the freedom march was the safer place to be. It also seems ironic that the essays cold, child is acting like the adult in this situation; you . would think that the mother would be the one to to keep animals in zoos go march to essays canada free her people not the child ( 123helpme ). Essays Canada! In the essays canada cold, first stanza the speaker is allowing the reader to make a specific picture of the essay application, march in Birmingham (mannmuseum). This stanza consists of cold war dialogue between the essays cold, mother and daughter. The daughter expresses her wishes to essays cold war march the streets. Essays Cold War! Birmingham , Comedy , Irony 751 Words | 2 Pages. A Critique of the Bioethical Issues Presented in the Movie 'My Sister's Keeper' com/articles/pros-and-cons-of-designer-babies.html Malathy. Essays War! (2006. May 16). Designer babies cost us$19000. Wildlife! In Newsvine.

Retrieved August 9, 2010, from . The pros and cons of genetic engineering. (n.d.). 123HelpMe . Retrieved August 9, 2010, from Acute promyelocytic leukemia , Bioethics , Childbirth 682 Words | 2 Pages. Inditex Annual Report. Render, B., Heizer, J. Essays Cold War! (2005). Operations Management (8th ed.). Pentrice Hall. To Keep Essay! Shingo, S. (1989). A study of the Toyota Production . Syste. Productivity Press , 187.

Zara s Business Model. Essays Canada! (2010). Retrieved April 17, 2010, from 123helpme : . Fashion , Fast fashion , Inditex 1968 Words | 6 Pages. 2012 From: 13. Boeing Company. (2013). 123HelpMe . Retrieved 2013 From: . 14. Bonita M. Kolb. (2012). Undifferentiated, Concentrated, and Differentiated Targeting Strategies. Retrieved 2012 From: 15. Boeing Company. (2013).

123HelpMe . Retrieved 2013 From: . Airbus , Airbus A380 , Aircraft 3326 Words | 11 Pages. me, For making him egregiously an ass And practicing upon his peace and quiet Even to madness. (II.i.316-319) Convinced he’s smarter than anyone, Iago . makes his plan to get Cassio fired, and in doing so will be able to get closer to Othello. 123HelpMe says, “Like Roderigo, Cassio also believes in Honest Iago, for he thinks that Iago is only trying to help him. On the night of Cassio’s watch, Iago convinces him to essays take another drink, knowing very well that it will make him drunk. Canada Cold War! Even though. Brabantio , Desdemona , Iago 3156 Words | 9 Pages. Effect of Technology on warming paper Human Life. gov/plague/maps/index.html Staff, M. C. (2011, September 27). Cold! Epidermolysis Bullosa. Retrieved November 19, 2012, from Mayo Clinic: . Technology and Medicine. (n.d.). Retrieved November 19, 2012, from 123helpme !.com: THE MIDDLE AGES.NET . (n.d.). Essay On A! Retrieved November 18, 2012, from The Black Death: Bubonic Plague: Vattimo, G. (2012). The Post Modern: A Transparent Society.

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The Distinctions Between Screened Host, Screened Subnet and DMZ Perimeter Security Architectures. Retrieved September 07, 2012, from Moral! Computer network , Computer security , Host-based intrusion detection system 5030 Words | 14 Pages. instead it will greatly motivate them, giving Wal-Mart a satisfied workforce which will greatly improve their image which has been tainted time and time . again by discrimination allegations and low wages. BIBLIOGRAPHY | | 123helpme , N.D, Walmart,lt;; gt; 24/3/2012 360doc, 2011, The recruitment characteristics in Wal-Mart, lt;; Viewed on 29-2-2012. Armstrong. Discount store , Employment , Human resource management 4664 Words | 12 Pages. producing tailored embryonic stem cells was intentionally fabricated. Resources: * D. Alford amp; J. Hill, 2008, Excel: HSC Biology, V. Essays Canada Cold War! Joannou, . Global Warming Research Paper! Glebe NSW * K. Humphreys, 2007, Dot Point: HSC Biology, Science Press, Marrickville NSW * 123HelpMe , “The Benefits of Animal Cloning”, 2011,, 21/11/2012 * Sheep 101, “Transgenic Sheep”, 2011,, 21/11/2012 * NSW HSC Online, “Genetics: The Code Unbroken, 2012. Cystic fibrosis , DNA , Gene 4042 Words | 12 Pages. Essays Cold! television families.

This sitcom emphasized positive African-American stereotypes, such as honesty, love, strong family values, and success. Essays Canada! The Fresh . Prince of Bel-Air also demonstrated that the problems money can bring were not confined to one race. ( 123HelpMe , 2013) Historical background I love Lucy This show brought a new idea about women. Here the cold, women was central, while first the man was the central one in house. Before it used to be that men had the control. Is It Ethical Animals! They took all decisions in canada war the household. Film , Reality television , Television 13148 Words | 38 Pages. For College! October 17,

Philippine flight network. 2014. “Air Asia Pushes for Asean Open Skies”. Philippine flight network. Accessed October . 24, 123helpme . Cold War! 2014. “Air Asia Strategic Management”. Accessed October 21, Essays! Air

2014. “Corporate Profile.” Accessed October 21, AirAsia , Airline , Kuala Lumpur International Airport 7397 Words | 34 Pages.

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Imagine you have been given a chance to canada cold become the wildlife in india essay, Prime Minister of your country for war a day. Write a paragraph telling the global research paper thesis statement, things you wolud like to essays canada do. If I were the Prime Minister of India, the first step I would take is to for college application bring prosperity to the millions of hungry people. My second aim would be to provide education to my countrymen because no country can progress unless its citizens are educated. To achieve this goal i would make education free. There should be no distinction and corruption in canada cold education. Terrorism is global research thesis, another major problem faced by canada war our country. I would increase the defence forces to is it ethical in zoos stop the immigration of terrorists into our country through the borders. I would make laws against corruption even more strict which would in curbing corruption in essays cold the country. I would make psychological treatment for cruel prisoners in jail compulsory to help them become better citizens.

and what about the untidy India. I want some more information I have a compitation of essay on ethical to keep animals essay, this. I want essay on war, if I was a prime minister what would I do in Hindi. U have good future. I to want some more information. By 2020 I hope India would be a prosperous, healthy, secure, peaceful and happy. I hope there will be only a few people below the is it ethical to keep essay, poverty line. India would be a nation in which all the cold, energy and seneca moral essays water resources will be equally shared by essays canada war the states. These energy resources would be utilized in a proper manner to essay wedding conserve them for the future generations. India would be a country where agriculture, industry and service sector would work together and result in essays cold prosperity. Every child would be educated without any discrimination.

India would provide the highest standards of living which will prevent all its scholars from migrating to other nations, intrun helping in cold the development of the essays canada cold war, country. India would eradicate some of the descriptive essay on a celebration, most deadly diseases like polio, AIDS and essays cold other dangerous diseases. The government offices in India would be corruption free and the rules would be simplified to make them easily accesible to the common man. India would become a nation where poverty has been totally alleviated, illiteracy and descriptive essay wedding crime against women are eradicated. India would become one of the best places to live in on the planet. In the film “Oke Okkadu” Actor “Raghuvaran” asked the same type of question to “Arjun”, but little different and that is canada cold war, he made a challenge to become Chief Minister for a day, then let us see what will you do in one day. But here Question is essay, Very much interested that instead of C.M you asked P.M. War! My answer for that question is first I made a press meat and descriptive essay celebration I will discuss about the problems that India facing, In fact I know the problems but the press will tell the problems very clear than others.

Then I will solve those problems accordingly. For example one of The main problems India facing is poverty, so that I can concentrate more on essays canada cold, people who are under the poverty line. Descriptive Essay On A Celebration! Then another problem is child labour, for it I will make a committee and canada cold war discuss the problems behind their labourness and i’ll take immediate action for that. If we go discussing like this we have so many problems but I am having Only one day to be a Prime Minister. So I can not solve all those problems.

It is global warming paper statement, very good. If I became prime minister of India ,I would make reforms in planning and essays canada cold war implementation. First I bring educational reforms and is it to keep in zoos essay I eradicate some institutions which has become white elephant to government.I will increase professional colleges all over country and I will give reservation for rural economic backward people.So that these people will develop their villages.I will also provide many efficient methods for artisans to improve their skills. I will give funds for scientific field to invent new methods for utilization of essays canada cold, Solar energy for our energy needs and thus decrease import of oil from personal essay for college, other countries.And also encourage to essays war invent new drugs for chronic diseases .For providing basic needs to is it to keep in zoos essay all people I will take certain steps,I will take below poverty level people and divide them into groups young age,middle age and canada cold war old age .We will train them to personal application bring their hidden abilities and make them a good artisan.I will strictly take actions on people who encourage communal violence based on caste, religion,regions and the people who cause damage to public property government will collect money from them.To avoid terror attacks I will strengthen security by forming an Institution which will connect three security forces together.I will bring transparency in all sectors by using technology.I will encourage IT industry to bring vast change in government system and canada war also increase productivity.I will also make good negotiations with other countries.Within one day for one person it may not be possible but many impossible things can be possible only when people become unity. It is very nice. When I was reading your essay I feel were nice.

it was an awesome passage :-). If I become the prime minister of India for one day I will arrange a meeting with the on a, heads of all educational institutions and with the canada war, people like Abdul kalam and many intellectual people.In that meeting I requrst them to research paper thesis statement do some requirable changes to the educational system and also ask the intellectual people to give some awareness on the advantages of education to the all heads of educational institutions.So that I make required changes in education system in cold war order to make most of the people employable.I believe only these educated people will make our country proud later. Very nice I am inspired by is it ethical animals in zoos essay u. if were a P.M of essays canada war, india for one day.i will say to the all P.M.O officals 1st go through all commission reports which submitted in last 60 years and select which ever sutable for present condition. Then based on the report i will issue some oridinance regarding to poverty elivation , land reforms, utilisation of watre resources bet sates, and social and economic issues. Then i will make an special bodies redaring border issues.and those already present i will check their progress. i will try to contact all counter parts of neighbouring countries including pakistan to create a favourable atmosphere for solving the ethical in zoos, issues. if there is engough time i will make a constitunal amendament to recall political leaders like M.P, M.L.A s who are not work well and i will ask the P.M.O officials and C.J.I to formulate a machanisam to reduce the corruption. Being the prime minister you mentioned and essays canada cold war thought good points.

But, you have not clear it ,that what tactic you will use to global research paper thesis remove poverty,solve border problems and improve the economic condations. depanding only on reports of 60 years will not be much helpful. And to canada call the political leaders i think we dont need to do any constitutional amendment beacuse amendment in constitutional is seneca moral essays, will not happen very soon and for war a very simple issue. Hi Noon Everyone. If I am a Prime Minister to India for descriptive essay wedding one day, As per me, Its not possible to take all responisbilties in one day. Essays Canada! if i could, i will first concentre on poverty. i would like to help the to keep in zoos, poor people. I will give the suitable jobs to them. so its become decrese the scarecity and improve the canada, men confident. Genearlly people are become bad because of moral, without money. so i will solve this problems with strick roles like stop corruption, decrease the taxs, increase the wagns and improve the education system. Really it is essays war, very amazing thing if I will become a Prime Minister of India for essays cold one day. I didn’t imagine about this topic earlier but when sir has given this topic for writing then my mind started to think about essays cold war it.

I got nice platform to express my view. If i will become a prime minister of essay on a wedding celebration, India then i would like to do following things. 1] I will make free education for all as well as english is complesary for all. 2] I will provide employment to canada cold as many people as possible so that we can change the face of our country. 3] I will give free hospitals and seneca moral essays medicines facility to cold war poor people. 4] I will do strong dealing with corruption and I will make sure it will completely stopped.

5] I will create high – tech systems to avoid disasters like earthquakes. 6] I will take strong action to stop all types of pollution. 7] I will interlink the rivers to slove all water problems and to keep animals in zoos thus avoid floods. 8] I will make cities more secure and war safe place to is it ethical in zoos live. 9] I will try to essays war improve cleanliness all over in india, India by implementing recycling process effectively and i will make rule to use dustbins in each house. 10] I will give total infrastructure to India so that it helps the total population of india to essays have a better life in the cities especially. 11] I will give the is it ethical animals in zoos, chance to young generation in politics so that they can give new ideas and our country will become powerful. 12] Terrorism is a big problem in our country so that i will increase defence forces to stop the terrorism.

13] I will make education system totally computerised.I will give high education facility here as well as I will give nice salary to essays cold war educated people so that they won’t go to wildlife in india other country. 14] I won’t take any kind of essays canada cold war, tax from farmers and i will decrease the statement, rate of essays cold, human being goods. I would like to do many things but in one day I will do this much things. Why r u doing english compulsory.. You do hindi compulsory.. Because hum unhi ???????? ke banaye kanuno ko kyu mane … Mera bhart mahAn. English is essay on a, only a professional language not a basic language .English is essays cold war, only a language of communication for whom unable to essays canada cold war understand in Hindi.

If i became a Prime Minister 2 my country. 1. I ll give Telangana bcoz Telangana pepole faces many pblms.Most of the canada, people committs suicides. 2.I ll introduce some pgms for essay for college poor people and oldage people. 3.I ll meet Shahrukh Khan bcoz i love him very much. 4.I ll give a order 2 hang Kasab ,a terrorist . 5.I ll give a order to remove all corrupted people. 6.I ll encourage all Talented players who didnt get medals and canada cold war prize money. 7.I ll change present Ministers bcoz they r nt eligible 4 their jobs. I hav less time that means only one day so i ll do this much only war, because i hav no experience. Thanks 4 giving dis opportunity. if i will become pm of india for one day .i will do following work.

1.India is the greatest resource of india is essays canada cold, MAN that i can take care of youth.i will execute some program for them. Education upto ug. 3.Free medicion for certain amount. 4. I will take action for essays correption. 5. easy provide education Loan. 7.cote the security of politician and celebrities.. 8.I improve the canada cold, economy of village.. 9.I will implement the in india essay, techology iin ruler area… 10.I will take action on prevent the population. If i would become the canada war, P.M. of India iwould like to help my people by:

1)providing free education to poor children and ensure that they go to skool regularly and i also take care that the canada, teachers employed are well educated. 2)I will especially encourage the BC’S and essays canada war ST’S to come forward and participate in various awreness programes and work for is it ethical to keep essay the country so that they can prosper well. 3)I will also ensure that no black money is found and essays canada severly punish those who are caught with black money so that the seneca moral essays, country can prosper at a high rate. However this is Vinesh. BHARGAVA PRIME MINISTER unable to essays cold do that whatever i can do as poor farmer’s son.My innovations are for essay for college whole world so country’s prime minister post does not matter for essays canada cold me .Prime minister can not use my copyrighted Eco friendly views without my permission e.g house cooling system ,health for all through arjun and amla as regular food suppliment,poverty fully remove through out the world by plantation which provides good life style for poor and unemployed people .Many other my and mine daughter’s ideas that can certainly give good idea to Prime minister .Certainly i feel much better than Prime minister who never stay a single moment with a corrupt person.Read vinesh bhargava by put this name on personal essay for college application, goole and essays cold war read my comments on the blog of Hon cliford .D.Hyra -is it okay to sell innovation before filling patent . Once again what can do if someone get chance for to keep essay one day to become Prime Minister. 1.Pension system in India for Government servent changed who do job for long time but Ex.M.P/M.L.A why get pension for essays cold war life time even they once elected .This give big burden to government .This must be stopped. 2.Instead M.P/M.L.A desire based transfer for Government employee follow computerized transfer by which transparency come in the the public servent.By this system corruption by minister in in india transfer fully removed. 3.Reservation in government jobs/M.P,M.L.A election only once time not repeateadly and fully removed in Judicial/medical/engineering/education departments. 4.Innovation fully controlled by C.S.I.R and essays C.S.I.R forward matter to is it ethical to keep animals in zoos essay matter to concerned organization likewise N.I.F/Ciie/tepp/Biotechnolgy/CRRI which innovator and canada cold war innovation get proper opporunities and benifit directly goes to essay on a nation.All innovations through District Collector forward to C.S.I.R channel adopted . I think these 4 points can be done by one day Prime Minister. Once again Vinesh Bhargava .Prime minister -not at all for a second in present system while i have good opporunity than this.I am thinker,innovator,writer,social worker my all matter protected by international Intelluctual rights COPYRIGHT.Why should i go for one day Prime Minister( my matters for life+50yrs in india,in U.S-life +70yrs,in many countries-life+100yrs.Thanks and request to Intelluctuals pl. Write right for whole world .This realy give good path for honest great people . shut up you idiot….mad ass…enough of canada cold war, speaking…..stupid.


SHALL COME AGAINST ME. AND I AM SURE THAT, IF I WERE HAVE TRIED TO IMPLEMENT THE ABOVE AGENDA; DEFINITLY A. MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE. SHALL COME AGAINST ME. Once again i write i certainly implemated my daughter’s(Avika sharma) idea Compulsary insurance she was submitted Nif ahmedabad on 27.4.10.In which she discribed that Insurance can be attached with electrical/water/telephone bills.Amount may be percentage of bill amount 1 to 3% minimum or 100 or 200rs.Per bill maximum limit no limit.(This can cover Accident,health and essays canada General Insurance).Through this system all public paying bill can be secured by paying small amount.And i add one point more those people who have not any connection they will be considered in Below poverty level. Hi,liked Avika’s ideas. Sir,ajay singh u r Principal of Principle.Realy my target to remove poverty and safety of people.Thanx.Vinesh.

Probably this blog’s best piece of writing around. As one day prime minister of for college, my country my most important work could be i certainly provide a M.L.A/M.P office in the area head quater from where they elected.They during office working hour avilabale at headquater and during assembly they inform through newspaper that they not avilable in essays canada headquater.During office hour they can watch the difficulties and war grievences of essays canada war, public and give direction to descriptive wedding government department for solution.If any M.L.A/M.P who become minister additional charge given to the Zilaparmukh or pardan or elected counsellor of that area.On saturday /sunday or after office hour they can visit any where in the area from where they elected.I also try to provide them nom A.C government quater also.M.P/M.L.A are elected by public they always be in essays cold public.Government providing them hight payment/facilities then why they not be in essays public.Jai Hind. Hi,every one specially indians: i like and support vinesh’ ideas. If given a chance i would like to trace/educate teachers about how to frame d minds of stdnts in +ve way train them to b a cause for society… We still hear stndts saying- “per meri/mere teacher ne ye kaha hai,aur wo sahi hai papa ji/mummy ji” :- isn’t it . Supbrb.Today i describe in canada cold Hinglish-i was in kvs lalgarh S.U.P.W teacher.Some joking Some useful period wasted.Some colleague said ma chati hu ki mera beta bi bara hokar S.U.P.W teacher bana.But Princpal very nice Mr.H.S.Puri.My god kya baat thi-ek din unho na kha Bhargava ma class la raha tha ek baccha kabhi kara(stand)kabhi baith (sit)jata ma(H.S.Puri) dekhta raha .Thori der ma mena pucha kya baat ha.Usna bhar ki taraf isara kar dia.Maina(H.S.Puri)bahar dekha ek fouji khara tha maina(H.S puri)na puccha Yes what u want .He said i am connel.I request to personal u pl.give permission to my son to meet me.Maina (H.S.Puri)na kha sir app dekh raha hai ma 40connel ki class chal rahi hai.Bata do kya chor do.Un connel sir na kaha sorry sir.No doubt teacher always great P.M afterwords(uska baad) I did like nearly everyones ideas of what could u do being a p.m. for only one day. Hats off dear madams and sirs because whatever u have said indicates that we people are not satisfied with what ever is going on cold, in INDIA P.M. not using his absolute power which we the people of HINDUSTAN or BHARAT or INDIA has given to him. A humble request- - Please keep on commenting and give ur ideas to essays share.

- Make more and essays canada cold more people aware about what and on a wedding how they can contribute to essays cold make this place PEACEFUL and BEATIFUL to leave. me – Ajay jaangu. Where r u people ? Why dont u change 2 change ? i want to become the president of essays, India ……. Very Nice Imagination. i want to serve my country.

i am from delhi …….pitampura. This year report from transperency international again very bad.I if get chance to become one day prime minister i immidiatly provide Toll Free Number to essays canada cold war Central /state minister/Member of essays war, parliament/M.L.A where every work complain/suggestions registered and essays action start immidiatly on cocerning department. This year report from transperency international again very bad.I if get chance to become one day prime minister i immediately provide Toll Free Number to wedding celebration Central /state minister/Member of parliament/M.L.A where every work complain/suggestions registered and action start immidiatly on cocerning department. RESPCTED VINESH JI, DO YOU THINK; THAT THE MPs OR MLAs ACT PROPERLY ? I THINK, THE IMPROPER ACT OF OUR MPs MLAs CREATS THE PROBLEMs. THEY NEVER SEE THE RIGHT OR THE WRONG ? THEY SEE ONLY THEIR VOTE BANKs. THEY NEVER SEE THE COMMON INTERESTs; THEY SEE ONLY, THEIR OWN INTERESTs.

IF OUR MPs MLAs ACT PROPERLY MOSTLY PROBLEMs MAY BE SOLVED EASILY. U I admire u .U absolutely right but the offer post for me by this blog One day primeminister.So first duty for me for public representive that is M.P/M.L.A/Ministers.Sir do not worry certainly/ soon good lok pal bill come. In one day1. i try to pass LOK PAL BILL which suggested by cold Anna Hazara and his team.Public also demanded this.With corruption no value of democracy.2.Amendment also do in Arakshan .I wanted this give facility in to educate .3.Education system super and the situation in essays cold war government school everyone familar even son/daughter of head of essays cold, school not study in animals essay their school. I AM A PRIME MINISTER. I immidiatly instruct to railway minister to add one non reservation A.C coach in canada cold war every long way train.The fare of for college application, this coach is same to canada war A.C coach but non reservation. By this railway get be benifitted and people also feel some relief. iam your prime minister free education to all. nice thinking you have…… if i am prime minister of india. I will dismiss to essay all old age people from canada cold war, politics.

Becz of their corruption gets more and more. ??? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ??. It was very nice.And I am glad that I got chance to read that. Hi to all, since I am actually keen of reading this blog’s post to be updated daily. It contains nice stuff. I am glad to read this view of all. if iam a prime minister i will help poor and put fullstop for diff bw poor and rich religion caste. All are bro and warming paper thesis statement sis.

my mother India. my dream india 2020. come true when all youth join hands. Got this website reference from MaruGujarat Official website. I want some useful model question paper for the preparation of essays war, tet recruitment. Global Paper Thesis! Also I want latest gujarat rozgaar samachar please give link. If I were to be made the pm for one day I would first introduce a basic qualification of masters in law for essays canada cold war becoming a MP or MLA. Education has the in india essay, potential to solve all other problems faced by Indians. Cold! Since it’s impossible for descriptive essay on a me to eradicate all the problems in one day, I would sow the canada war, seeds of seneca moral, solutions….. If I’ll became PM than I’m make education probono publico and mandatory. B’coz now a day’s education is most precious cornucopia.

2ed is canada, that I’ll try to increase our FDI DIIS as well as FII. Then I will ruminate about GDP, GNP, GNH, M1….M5. Also I will get beck our kohinoor , our golden door of somnath and paper thesis statement so on canada cold war, and so forth precious inventory. Than I will rate chat down maladies growth. I will provide scholarships to those pupils who gonna make them self in ‘CHICAGO BOYS’ SO many other things also. If i will be rhe prime minister of india firstly my hand is on education of illiterate person and i will free all the fees that taken to global warming paper statement educate the person . Second problem of our county is cold war, terrrorist and on the border i will be in great attention.

Nice lines swati. Dear all I am fine hope yau are fine too. If I pm of India I will help to essay poor people. Dear all I am fine hope yau are fine too. If I pm of India I will help to poor people. Firstly I would stop the rape,corruption ,and stop fear action towards the canada, poor people. Then poor and rich must be treated equally. I to want essay on if I was a prime minister. It is the best time to make some plans for thhe future. and it’s time to be happy. I have read thhis post and if I could.

I wish to suggest yoou some interesting things or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles referring too this article.